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I feel quite certain that the Hillary Clinton campaign, with the Wikileaks revelations of how Bernie Sanders was treated by the DNC, with the clearly paid-off media via campaign advertising dollars, and with the recent protestations of women suddenly coming out of the woodwork all at the same time bemoaning Donald Trump, is probably the dirtiest campaign in my lifetime.

What do you think?

It’s amazing what some in the country will do to maintain the status quo.

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If you boil all of the campaign issues down, Hillary is really just a hater of men. She has a position at least partially against everything and anything involving masculinity and supports unequivocally anything involving femininity and who can blame her after seeing what former President Bill Clinton did to her publicly. If you examine almost each and every issue there is some element of gender politics to it.

Unfortunately for her and unfortunately for the country, that’s not what the country needs.

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To a certain extent I believe much of the discussion coming from the democrats on the subject of gun control has more to do with taxing particular gun sales rather than curtailing them. Gun sales at gun shows and over the internet already require a background check unless between two private parties who meet up and personally sell a gun to one another in the same state and that is not even legal in some states. Criminals won’t abide by those laws anyway. They never do.

But imagine if you purchased a shotgun for your son or daughter who was coming of hunting age and you had to pay another $100.00 or more to facilitate the transaction? That would generate a lot of tax revenue, wouldn’t it?

There already is an excise tax on fully manufactured guns which gun makers have to pay to the tune of something like $100.00 per gun, so gun sales are a money maker for the government. Perhaps now that they have a taste of that kind of revenue, on a $400 gun that’s a tax of 25 percent, they want more. And that doesn’t even include the sales tax or the cost of the background check that the seller runs on you.

There is of course the fact that many democrats, those in urban areas who vote democrat, shoot each other. Alot. So guns diminish the numbers of democrats. But I’ve stated that before. And that sounds like a problem with democrats and not guns.

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Clearly Trump won the last and final presidential debate.



First of all when we consider the entire election process in America we must understand that the election is not just the actual practice of voting and tabulating the votes.

There are other processes involved as well.

For example, the media have been fawning over The Clintons for decades. I could give reasons for that phenomenon but there is nothing like scandal to get the media tongue wagging in this age of tabloid journalism and of course The Clintons have been at the center of many major scandals.

The media have been catering to the Clintons with such media properties as “Madame Secretary” and the first five minutes favoring Hillary at the beginning of every evening news broadcast on a major network for at least since this election season began. Years before Clinton decided to run for president she has been receiving favorable media attention, not to say that she shouldn’t be receiving favorable media attention, she is after all a former First Lady.

There is also the treatment of Trump by The GOP as well and he has been treated like an outcast from the very beginning, required to publicly take special oaths and swear to boyscout style impromptu allegiances. Clearly it is not just The Democratic Party which has institutionalized some of its candidates.

So, when Donald Trump states the election is rigged, perhaps there is no question about the actual tabulation of votes, though many believe there are questionable practices there as well, at the very least there is significantly favorable treatment of one candidate, Hillary Clinton, by the media over the other, Donald Trump during the campaign season when there are significant questions about the integrity of the candidate that is receiving all of the favorable attention.

So, yes the election IS rigged.

Because the election isn’t just about the tabulation of votes, it is the entire process I’ve described, media fairness and more and from my perspective the entire process has treated Donal Trump unfairly. Yes, the election is rigged because the entire process has been rigged.

I not so sure it is the first time, though.

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To a certain extent during this election I think we are seeing an organized attack on masculinity in America. Private conversations among men are being used as campaign fodder and given greater significance and scrutiny than extreme incompetence and callous disregard for human life by women. Something like this can only happen in a society that hates men.

A society that hates men is evident all around us today. Fifty percent of the children are born to out-of-wedlock mothers. Many if not most children in urban areas don’t know their fathers and the same holds true in many backwater communities. Why? Because the government (the taxpayer rather) has become the father instead, providing financial support and social programs from birth to adulthood when then the cycle starts all over again and a new generation of children are born to unwed mothers. This is now a multi-generational phenomenon that both parties are partially responsible for though one party takes the cake in terms of responsibility as the socialist population growth plan is its primary source of votes.

But what is really interesting to me is that I’ve been told I am the one responsible for the revival of the rhetoric describing today’s modern Democratic Party as “socialistic” and “communistic.” I myself do not make that claim, though if you look back through this entire blogroll going back five or six years, I’ve been told, it is easy to reach that conclusion, and then even before in my other writings.

And what is really interesting to me is that I believe the political movement to a socialist society, completely socialist, even eventually communist perhaps, is alive and well though many thought it died with the fall of The Soviet Union and East Germany in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Not so.

It is through the increase in of out-of-wedlock birthing that the expansion of socialism is being accomplished. Single women having children and falling back on the social welfare system at the rate of half of all children born is the primary attack mechanism that is being used to weaken and bring down the open market and conservative foundation of this country.

The ideological bloodletting, the transfer of ideology from conservatism to socialism is being accomplished through a population control implementation, a growth plan, endorsed by both parties with one party completely ignorant of what is happening and the other only blindly aware.

Socialism has discovered patience and it is willing to wait for the children of unwed women to grow up, raised by taxpayers who have their own families to raise, doubling the financial burden on those families, weakening their financial position until the common hard-working man and wife who struggle to raise their own children are finally overcome with the largess of the collective at the ballot box, a ballot box populated by the maturing children of the socialist who raised her children on public assistance.

What is the only way to facilitate all of what I’ve just described? How do they facilitate the massive increase in women having children out-of-wedlock, how do they compel the substantial increase in people on social programs and enable the replacement of the male in the house by the government?

Make the country hate men. Outlaw masculinity. Make public restrooms gender neutral. Confuse the sexes.

I believe we are seeing a primary example of what I describe today in the media coverage of the presidential campaign. Now I’ve stated a number of times I don’t condone what Trump has said but there is something else going on there, some other objective is at stake and it is quite obvious what it is.

Make the country hate masculinity, mock masculinity and persecute masculinity as if masculinity itself were worse than the most heinous crimes we could commit, murder, assault. Make masculinity a crime by default. Make obsolete the ability of the family to be less dependent upon the state. Drive the man out of the house and provide sustenance in his stead through social programs. Glorify the philanderer in the media and undermine the two parent family.

That’s exactly what is happening in this country. If it isn’t, then tell me why there are so many unwed mothers using government programs and why so many children have never seen their fathers? Why is masculinity being erased through the implementation of gender neutral bathrooms in some states? Why are adolescent boys being taught to be more passive while adolescent girls are told to be more aggressive? That message is everywhere, in the media, in movies, in television police dramas, in the pulp fiber of the country.

A birthrate approaching 50 percent from unwed mothers indicates that the male presence is practically forbidden in the American household and the government facilitates that. The government actually makes it more attractive for members of particular communities to stay unwed.  This is how the government will grow even larger and more costly. What is once a socialist government will eventually lead to a communist government as this is the ultimate goal of the popular authors of collectivism.

Unwed mothers are the beachhead of socialism in America.

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