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The Tea Party, Texas Tea, and The Gulf Oil Spill

Posted on: July 7, 2010

At the onset of the gulf oil spill the mainstream media bandied about the conspiracy theory that the catastrophe may have been the result of sabotage. Then, overnight nothing was said of it again. Seventy days later and the subject of sabotage has not come up once while I have watched the news.

Were it not such a catastrophic event, and had the president not made a proclamation only days before that he was going to open up the coastlines for more offshore drilling, I would probably have forgotten all the talk of sabotage.

A cursory examination of stories on the internet about a possible saboteur reveal that some think it was another oil company in competition with BP (British Petroleum). Another web site has significant interest in The North Koreans.

I myself hold to another theory, one that did not appear in my search of the internet. I believe the gulf oil spill may have indeed been sabotage, sabotage for a political purpose.

First, let’s rule out who did not sabotage the oil rig causing this catastrophe. Environmentalists. There was talk the oil rig was damaged by environmentalists looking to make a point. That is unlikely in my estimation. Most environmentalists are zero tolerance types that get upset about minute amounts of pollutants in our waterways. With the exception of the Greenpeace anti-whaling efforts and some extended stays in trees, most environmentalists are mainly focused on lobbying and fund raising. Furthermore, were it to be discovered that the sabotage of the oil rig was the result of environmentalists, their entire movement would be discredited. In my opinion, environmentalists are not so rash. Let’s hope it was not the environmentalists, for the sake of the environment.

Second, it is unlikely it was the North Koreans that torpedoed the oil rig. For the North Koreans to get a submarine into The Gulf of Mexico undetected by The United States Navy and Coast Guard seems to me to be a rather unlikely event. Could it have happened? Yes. But it is unlikely.

Was it then another oil company in competition with BP? This to me seems rather unlikely as well and here is why. When laws are made governing the behavior of oil companies those laws generally tend to hit them all equally and not very favorably. So is the result of the moratorium on offshore oil exploration and drilling brought by The Whitehouse shortly after the gulf oil spill and had to be addressed in court. To me it is unlikely the Gulf oil spill was the result of sabotage from a competitor.

The list of potential saboteurs goes on and on.

But there is one more possible saboteur that interests me, at least in a speculative sense.

Recently in America’s political history we have had a resurgence of a conservative movement calling themselves The Tea Party. If you have read my previous posts you know that I myself am a conservative and favor much of what they stand for, except I do not favor the name.

Named after an act by colonists helping to incite the revolutionary war of independence between the American Colonies and England, The Tea Party is to me a misnomer that should be changed. It’s catchy, I’ll agree, but not well chosen. It focuses too much negativity on one of our allies, England in a historical context, and not our own massive, expensive government, which it was originally meant to address. One must ask if that were in fact the original intent? Probably not. But you have to ask that question.

Let’s examine the title of my post today. BP, Texas Tea, and The Gulf Oil Spill. Does the answer therein lie?

But let’s consider that for the last 200 plus years the US has been an ally of The English even though once a year we celebrate our ‘complete’ independence from England by blowing up a lot of stuff. England has been our major ally in every major war we have fought for the last 100 years and are our allies today in Iraq and Afghanistan along with our other allies Germany (another ally we seem to still be fighting at least in Hollywood), Poland, Italy, and much of the rest of the world.

Yet here in The United States we have started a political movement with a name, The Tea Party, that seemingly reinvents The Revolutionary War against England, a major ally, one I favor myself, along with Germany and the others.

So where then in all of this lies the saboteur? Did someone from The Tea Party sabotage the oil rig and fill the gulf with Texas Tea? Was it someone from BP sick of being the target of The Tea Party? Is the gulf oil spill the result of action by The Tea Party, by someone in response to the formation of The Tea Party?

More importantly, does the advent of the new Tea Party signify a potential war with one of our most favored allies? Or is it just a catchy name, however misguided it may be?

You had better think about it.

Copyright © William Thien 2010

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