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Order The Dream Chip on Kindle and nook and have it right away!

Posted on: August 25, 2010

William Thien’s novel The Dream Chip (ISBN: 978-0-7388-6313-9) is now available as an Amazon Kindle book as well as The Barnes & Noble nook and other popular electronic formats.

A quick read melding science fiction and politics into a speculative manifesto, The Dream Chip deals with the subjects of big government and how it can be controlled through the implementation of modern computer technology. In The Dream Chip a software suite called The Common Council Software Program is implemented where the elected must vote on the day-to-day issues of government based upon the preponderance of votes cast by the electorate. No more politicians voting completely opposite to what they promised during the election campaign. Voters respond to emails requesting a vote on such things as the widening of roads in their voting district or other matters that can affect their taxes or individual rights. If voters don’t like an idea, they simply vote it down. And by law, the elected representative then has to vote it down. It is a redistribution of democratic power right to the individual. Naturally, the government and the elected don’t like the idea. To find out what happens next, order your copy of The Dream Chip today.

First published in 1997 at Electric Works Publishing, The Dream Chip was originally available only as an electronic book, sent to you as an email attachment or on a diskette. Electric Works Publishing later went out of business. Then in the year 2001 John Feldcamp, CEO of Xlibris, approached William Thien and asked if he would like to have The Dream Chip published in paperback format? “It was an exciting time with all the new publishing formats becoming available,” Thien said. “I jumped on the opportunity. Ten years later we are back in electronic format again. You knew it was going that way. It was just a question of when.”

William Thien was the first to represent that an approximation of the human soul could be stored in digital format in The Dream Chip and describes what the process might look like if and when it becomes a reality. He explains how a person’s thoughts and memories might be stored for eternity using an advanced computer chip originally designed for deep space flight communications.

Order your copy and have it right now for your Kindle and nook readers.

Don’t have one of Amazon’s Kindle readers or a Barnes & Noble nook book, you may also enjoy The Dream Chip in other formats such as on your Sony Reader, or if you have a mobile computing device you may read The Dream Chip as a MOBIPocket book. Order yours now and have it now!

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