William Thien

Socialism, A Nice Idea that has Run its Course in America

Posted on: January 2, 2011

Socialism as a political system has some extremely positive aspects. In particular, when you have a society comprised basically of working, two-parent families, socialism makes for a nice safety net when a family needs something to fall back on in hard economic times.

The problem with implementing any and all socialistic government programs in a country such as The United States though for the most part is that those that draw from social programs are frequently single-parent families that do not contribute back in to the system either through income taxes or any substantial sales taxes.

Offspring of those single parent families often fail in school and life and become themselves wards of the “socialist state.” That is the life they know. Since they are not the offspring of working families, they know no other lifestyle.

Exponentially the costs of the socialist system expand as those that draw from the system increase in number becoming an ever growing income and sales tax burden upon the two-parent families. The two-parent families then often must seek financial shelter in the socialist system as their real income becomes less and less due to the demands of the single-parent families.

Socialism is then a self-fulfilling prophecy that becomes increasingly expensive due to what some might say are abuses of the system. In other words, the social safety net which was designed to help people in times of need becomes a form of employment in perpetuity for abusers of the system who have no desire to seek gainful employment and contribute back in to the system but want the government check, so to speak, anyway.

Whether they are abuses or not, eventually the costs to society of the massive government safety net are too great. That is where many believe we are as a country today. One only needs to listen to the rhetoric and the see results of the most recent mid-term elections to understand that.

Socialism is no longer a viable political system in “the social context” of The United States. Unless we can administrate the massive abuses of the socialist system out of the system itself, socialism is a nice idea that has run its course in America and should be abolished.

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