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I have been considering the idea of an essay on the subject of Feminism with the goal of determining its validity as a social movement. You see these angry women walking around all the time. They have an angry, toxic, anti-social look on their faces. They have every law in their favor when it comes to discrimination in the work place or regarding social interaction, yet for some reason they look like they feel they have been slighted by the fact that they were born with their particular sex. It is as if something is missing that was taken from them somewhere when in fact it is really none of that! They still want more! Though they have nothing really to gain anymore on the “sex front”, as it is called, they are still marching through their lives and ours as if there is a war going on between the sexes. It creates so much discord in society, in the workplace that I have often felt something needs to be done about the constant undermining of our natural existence. Have injustices been done? Of course. Has discrimination occurred? Absolutely. But these so-called females have another agenda altogether and it is not in our best interest ladies and gentlemen.

So I have been looking for a way to deal with the matter without being labeled “sexist.” It is as if discussion by men of the subject of feminism is by default “sexist” or “chauvinistic” when in fact that position is in itself “chauvinistic” and “sexist” in the reverse.

Clear roles for both genders make for a more successful society in terms of a functional economy as well as the general peace and tranquility of the population itself. But I have been finding it difficult to address the matter myself without being labeled chauvinistic or sexist. Where I live I am surrounded by feminists. Discussion in the halls concludes with “I don’t need a man. Who needs them?” The feminists harass me in my daily routine, play with my postal mail, and listen outside of the door to my dwelling. Calls to the police about this behavior are brushed off with “Yer a guy, buck up!” But therein lies a double standard. Displays of such behavior on my part would be met with severe force. The law by default favors the female. Everyone in uniform wants to be a hero and we still prescribe to the age-old perception of the male as the stronger of the two sexes with often devious intent even though the law tells us otherwise, that we are equal. This of course is clearly no longer valid and perpetuating that misperception also has an incredibly deleterious effect upon society. It helps to be “real” in order to get things done. Such misperceptions only lead to losses in industrial productivity and wasteful lawsuits.

I am always surprised when at work there are a bunch of men and women involved in a task and when it comes to heavy lifting the women always by default look at the men to do the work. What?! What happened to equality? I thought you said you were equal? But when at home men now must by default share in the less physical, the more domestic duties that were traditionally handled by women such as cooking and cleaning. I guess men and women are only equal as long as it benefits you. If whatever it is makes your life difficult, then we all must revert back to the age-old way of doing things. Sounds like those kids who used to make up the rules as they went during playground games when we were kids. There is that duality thing, again. Feminism, is it just a joke? But is even more of a joke the generation of men that fell for the feminist message and left us with this social/political condition? Was the burning of bras merely a feminist club to the heads of the stupid sex starved men of that generation? Is feminism just a way for women to be lazy and men to have to pick up the additional domestic and labor work load while at the same time having to endure scathing rebukes for showing interest in women, wherever? Have women put on more weight since the advent of feminism? Does feminism make women fat? Is feminism mind control? What has that generation of men who fell for feminism gotten us into? The fools!

These are just some of the questions I have been asking myself while formulating an essay on the matter while simultaneously trying to address the matter without being labeled chauvinistic.

Then, while considering an essay on these matters I found this essay titled The Farce of Feminism written by a woman named Rebecca Rubins and published in The Harvard Crimson that does pretty much what I was hoping to do originally without all the effort. Have a look for yourself The Farce of Feminism.

The Farce of Feminism is written by a woman. I’m sure the feminists aren’t happy about that. But then they don’t seem like a generally happy crowd anyway. I suppose that is in itself the origin of Wo…

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