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Why is the Demise of Osama Bin Laden Really So Important?

Posted on: May 11, 2011

First of all, before I begin this commentary, let me say that I believe in conspiracy theories. Anytime two people are involved in murder, the charges when they are caught are often called “Conspiracy to Commit Murder.” And that’s only two people. What happens when you have hundreds? Furthermore, war is by definition a form of a conspiracy, though often it is not defined as a crime.

And let me add that in the capture and neutralization of Osama Bin Laden our military has shown exemplary performance that perhaps this country has never seen before.

With that said…

If I recall correctly a co-worker told me someone had just telephoned him to tell him a plane hit the World Trade Centers and it was on TV. We were painting the lines on a football field at the time. Let’s go inside and watch the news, he said.

Just as we entered the office the second plane hit the second tower.

Now, for the last ten years, the country has been held hostage by a war designed to catch Osama Bin Laden, the supposed mastermind of the attack. Our civil liberties have suffered incredibly during this time. Blanket, warrant less searches are the norm now. We have shed many basic freedoms. As a country we have less, much less. Our babies and elderly women, you know the ladies that like to wear those flowery dresses that look like billowy sheets are being patted down and strip searched at the airport.

And if I recall correctly, the country was at the time of the attacks in a very introspective yet positive mood politically. There was, due to the advent of the internet, great and open political discussion that was gaining traction in the real political world. People were excited. There was a certain mood of political self-realization and hope for the disenfranchised and those not traditionally part of the country’s vast political landscape. The status quo was changing. And fast!

You may already know where I am going with this. You may already know I am going to suggest that Osama Bin Laden and the terrorists didn’t quite act alone, if you know what I mean. But why? What’s the motive? Stay with me.

Due to the newly discovered openness of the internet en masse there was a great political momentum that I believe our government and the various political apparatuses didn’t understand. And they were afraid. They were afraid of what the internet could do to the political makeup of the country. They had never seen anything like such online electronic gathering, discussion, and organization. And they were losing control. What before was a stifled populace was suddenly speaking out in organized, effective ways on email lists and open online forums about any and everything that needed change. Things were going to change, it was clear.

Enter Osama Bin Laden. Now, I can only speculate about this, but having worked on assignment from The US Army to The National Security Agency I have always believed it is unlikely Osama Bin Laden would have been successful with the attack given the structure of the US Intelligence apparatus at the time I was employed as an analyst. When the story came to light about the World Trade Center attacks I immediately concluded that he had help from within, you could say. I am probably wrong, but Osama Bin Laden was once employed rather directly by The United States in another capacity. Why not twice? He did quite well in his first role.

And if he is not still alive in some holding cell somewhere or living well somewhere secretly in comfort, I have seen nothing to indicate my meager theory is incorrect. And the fact that he was killed as reported recently and his body buried at sea seems, I say “seems” like our government was attempting to get rid of the evidence, that more than anything they were concerned about revelations of collusion. Maybe that was Osama’s next big attack! The revelation that The US hired him as it had in the past. Maybe his terrorist days were over but he still wanted to be a big man on the world terrorist scene. Maybe that is why after having known for some time where he was we suddenly decided to act. Osama was going public.

And I can debunk my own theories by simply recalling the Blind Cleric Omar Abdel-Rahman, known as “The Blind Sheikh” who was implicated in the first World Trade Center Bombings in 1993 by simply stating that The World Trade Centers have been a target of radical Muslim fundamentalists long before 9/11.

Who really knows? But does it really matter? Not in the context of this discussion. And personally, I’m not certain there are enough rogue personnel in the American Intelligence business to enable something so vast as what occurred on 9/11. True, evidence, obvious evidence acquired by our own internal security mechanism, The FBI, seems to have been overlooked that could have prevented the attacks. And this is in itself sufficient reason to raise a question about the origination of the event. But it is not sufficient evidence to implicate anyone in The US.

What is important is that new software run by super computers was suddenly brought online to skim all of the talk on the internet in the so-called search for terrorists. People’s emails were checked by such programs as Predator for possible terrorist activity. It would seem it was as if THE INTERNET ITSELF were the target. Our credit cards are now all monitored and profiled. This supposed protective posture actually stifled open political discussion overnight. The silent majority suddenly doubled. Open political discussion was suddenly stifled as this new war redefined the world. Who wants to be labeled “a terrorist?” The World Trade Center attacks put a sudden stop to what was incredible about the internet and what was miraculous about the time in the history of our country, that you didn’t have to be in the same room to discuss something in front of lots of people or even be there at the same time. You could do it on the internet.

So, if there is one thing that is significant about the demise of Osama Bin Laden it is that we should no longer let the war on terror divert us as it did whether accidentally or by design from our goals as countrymen who found this new age, the internet age, to our liking and to our benefit as a way to make this country a better place to live in.

We have work to do. I’m sure you will agree, perhaps now more than ever. I think you all know what I mean.

Let’s dig up those old discussions we were having when the World Trade Center attacks happened. Let’s get those old emails out! Let’s get back to where we were and carry on.

Most importantly, let us not be afraid to move forward. Because more than anything, I believe that is what they want for us to be, they want for us to be afraid. Fear, it would seem, has all along been their grip. Let me, let us, loosen the hold.

Copyright © William Thien 2011


4 Responses to "Why is the Demise of Osama Bin Laden Really So Important?"

World trade Centers falling / in being the work of terrorists
tis as real as beleiving that there truely / an moon landing.

Long before the planes hitting there were explosions in the basements of towers / such but to weaken the structure in
preparing them for controlled demolition // and must be said
the demolition was a work of the best experts / both towers
downed with expert precission /a work of the most qualified.

It being various factors that came into play / the wests need
of russian resources OIL / GAS / ETC / meaning such cold war had to end. This sett an problem as for decades it portrayed
RUSSIA the great enemy / thus justified a standing army of
hundreds of thousands / the threat of Russia and an nuclear
attack justified $billions ( taxes used in upkeeping such army.

Thus how does one justify such a large army its upkeep unto
the voter // yet say RUSSIA AN FRIEND NO LONGER ENEMY as preached for decades. Answer./ RUSSIA via such wests 24/7 media machine / over years the focus taken from RUSSIA as
be the enemy /at same time the media transfers/ muslims to
being the enemy. As muslims were never / an nuclear threat
this problem be solved by saying they had weopons of Mass Destruction ( which in truth had no meaning ) but it repeated
so many times // people made to feel they were under threat
thus the invasion of the Middle East to an public but justified.

Thus the USA allowed to carry out its real intention a military
foothold in the middle east. // Holding great control of middle
east oil reserves/ expanding their power with the continued setting up of puppet govts / a cover that all done in defence
of democracy / freedom / as usual had western success in its
ability where making the most of a 24/7 media brainwashing.

Hollywood must also be given credit where producing endless
movies of terrorist attacks upon USA // of course all nonsense
yet to continue with such nonsense / using TV as newspapers
propaganda / it worked / americans made believe / they were
under threat from muslims / whom plan / an invasion the USA.

Thus present days situation // muslims be regarded as enemy justifing a USA standing army of hundreds of thousand / then
add to such the many whose lifes comes from the mantanence
of such huge a military force /in taking a of a lot of maintaence.

Of course one should not forget // arms dealers whom always
pushing for war / in bringing arms contracts as worth $billions.

The USA military is a USA’s biggest employer / no political party will go against it /if doing they would never be voted into office
thus the monster is kept alive // yet one just cant have such a large standing army / for it to maintan order / it must have an enemy. / If enemy not RUSSIA / it then fell upon poor muslims.

The reality the USA caught in a web of lies deceit of their own making. Its conduct having been so appalling/ it having made itself the enemy of most nations/present path USA now takes ends with one result (I’ll refrain) putting such result in words.
There still time for a turnaround / where USA Govts coming to their senses // dispite the wrongs committed against muslims
they’ll forgive as forget. / Such but being their genetic nature.

Perhaps. My perspective is that it was more of an internal desire to maintain a political and economic structure of some type which we may not even be aware of at the moment.

William / it the Republican Party that in main
have caused untold damage unto americans
more so last ten years in power/where BUSH
ANNOINTED HIMSELF as being the leader of a
christian holy crusade agin / the muslim world.

Though I having no dislike for George in all
sense I wish him no wrong/George of past
in such an spiritual /state of mind / as best
lived in an world of absolute fantasy / it be
rather than following him Americans should
having sent him for a long period unto the
“HaPPy VaLlEy ReSt HoME” the problem for
americans over decades they have become
but brainwashed with govt 24/7 media spin
majority) of americans being now incapable
of giving a opinion / they being now totally
dependent/ told what to fink wot to believe.

William /making matters worse Republicans
as BUSH did not win first term as president
they lost election / yet through voting fraud
corrupt judgement of a supreme court ruling
BUSH made president / Republicans in Govt
for american people as / people’s worldwide
such being a dire situation ( I do not wish in
reminding of numbers killed / the destruction
the suffering /the injustice done to humanity.

BUSH as REPUBLICANS left a appalling mess
for BARACK as the Democrats in dealing with.

One can only wish x BARACK x the very best.

Ah yes, the endless litany of Republican Party transgressions.

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