William Thien

An Observation About the Cost of Feminism to The Tax Payer

Posted on: June 28, 2011

I recently heard a female news woman proclaim on a Fox News affiliate during a debate about the need for law enforcement in a community that single females “need protection.” It was a surprising revelation to hear from a liberated woman. I consider any woman working in the capacity of a news person to be liberated, by the way, as say compared to fifty years ago, when they were uncommon.

And yes, there are women capable of everything to which a man is, often more so, aside from sexual function of course. But they are not the norm, far from it. Yet, for some reason, we have adopted an elaborate series of lies, generally perpetuated now by Federal Law and the media, that creates an unusual arrangement between the sexes in many places today. This eludes to the point in my essay, Is There a Natural Order Amongst The Sexes?.

Something then occurred to me after hearing the news woman’s proclamation that single females need protection. This is just an observation as there is no scientific evidence supporting my observation. The feminist movement is also expensive to a community in that single women “supposedly” require more protection than married women. Therefor, the demand for police services. or protection, is or must be higher the more single women there are in a community. That fact may even be more obvious in those parts of our society where the women are single and also mothers. Are more police required in such communities? Of course they are.

The thing about police is that they are expensive to maintain, probably THE most expensive personnel at the municipal level as they require by law all sorts of training, they are outfitted with extensive amounts of expensive equipment which they carry or that is located in their vehicles, and their vehicles are enormously expensive. The police also require large amounts of support personnel. The procedures they use to solve crimes are also often very expensive.

Police are the most invasive extension of a bureaucracy and when crime is down, they begin writing traffic tickets and generally making themselves difficult, one might say, without deference or disrespect to the office itself. So not only are police expensive in terms of tax dollars, they drive up the cost of our daily existence, they work to increase municipal revenue at our expense through traffic and parking enforcement, for example, you name it. We all like the protection a police presence affords us. But the result of feminism, the increase in society of single women, is quite possibly creating a lopsided society where excessive police personnel are required. That has to be expensive.

Furthermore, it is believed that police often vote in order to perpetuate their jobs in ways which may not all be mutually beneficial to the citizenry. Add to that the fact that the police and municipal protective services form large voting blocks to which if politicians do not pander, they can often forget about getting elected. So not only are police expensive to maintain on the tax rolls, they can be difficult socially as they may vote in large numbers contrary to the needs, or desires, of the population. And who can blame the police for that last one? Everyone needs a job. It’s human nature. But isn’t that what many laws are written to do, address human nature? I once thought that police should not be allowed to vote in legislative elections that effect law since they enforce the law. It suggests a conflict of interest. But police are people, too.

Getting back to the matter of feminism and taxes, therefore, the greater need for police services as a result of feminism could very well be costing the taxpayer substantially.

That is, by the way, just an observation. I fully expect repercussions. You can rarely say such things publicly and not expect repercussions. But someone has to say them. Married men are afraid to do so. Divorce tantrums have all too often been the remedy for an unhappy wife put in her place during a family disagreement. The political system can’t afford to say what I say here, and they don’t have the intestinal fortitude, either. I’m not running for office, so…

But isn’t it feminism that tells us men and women don’t need to get married, that women are equal to men, in every way? Yes, that is exactly the feminist platform. And it is false. Men and women are not equal. They are different, some might say completely different. And equal and different are not synonymous, equal and different do not mean the “same” thing.

Perhaps men and women should be treated equally. But the lie of feminism, that men and women are equal, is most likely an expensive lie for the tax payer to perpetuate.

Copyright 2011 William Thien


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