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Has The So-Called “Greatest Generation” Been Followed by “The Worst Generation?”

Posted on: July 13, 2011

If the “Greatest Generation,” as Tom Brokaw the former NBC news anchor has called them, were those that lived and fought during World War II and The Korean War, then who are those that followed? You know who I’m talking about, the ones that gave us all the social programs that are bankrupting the country and making it impossible for employers, for example, to be as profitable as they can be. What generation is that? Are they the worst generation? They call them the “Baby Boomers.” Are the baby boomers the idiots that created the giant colossus of bureaucracy that is next to impossible to tear down in order to be out from under its crushing, self-perpetuating, taxing weight? Can the worst generation follow directly behind the greatest? Is that even possible? Now that they are coasting into retirement, they’ve left us with massive government, massive debt, and social discord. They will all have their entitlements intact, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, whatever. We, on the other hand, it appears will most likely be without if we intend to balance the budget.

And why are we here in the first place? Was it the advent of world communism and socialism that steered us down the wrong road? Was the late Senator McCarthy from Wisconsin on to something? Is it due to the mix of people in The United States? Is it due to the lack of a work ethic? Is it that certain social groups are demoralized by our society and have simply given up and become permanent, multi-generational wards of the state, parasites? Or is it that the reward of certain social programs is too sweet for many to want to pursue real work? Is this social and economic condition to which we are now all aware part of some clever corporate business model? If so, why do we allow that?

Finally, what are the elements of our society that are behind the perpetuity of this condition? Who profits, who benefits the most from this situation might be a better question?

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2 Responses to "Has The So-Called “Greatest Generation” Been Followed by “The Worst Generation?”"

Actually, it was the Greatest Generation that gave us our big government. They saw the “success” of New Deal and WW2 and thought government could successfully do anything.

So then Tom Brokaw has it wrong when he says The Greatest Generation was “The Greatest Generation” because by default The Greatest Generation wouldn’t create a government that the people are unable to handle or deal with and that requires such constant attention. That’s an interesting and bold perspective. Thank you.

William Thien
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