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Cell Phone Hacking in the U.K. Media vs The U.S. Media

Posted on: July 15, 2011

From my experience, which admittedly is limited to a few brief visits to The United Kingdom and my continued interest in their news media, the news media here in The United States have a more propagandistic or supportive role of the various social and governmental mechanisms in place than that of the peripheral media in The United Kingdom, which thrives primarily on tabloidian behavior. So the calls by a number of politicians in The US to compel the FBI to examine such cell phone hacking practices in The U.S. by the media will likely produce few public results because of that apparent symbiotic relationship stateside.

Here the government states something, the media reports it; together they work with very little discord. As long as the media serves this purpose, the government does not try to curtail its other activities. In other words, the media is often an organ or an arm of the government. The media do a lot of dirty work for the government, and in this way also acts like a buffer between the citizenry and the government enabling the government to move more fluidly amongst us, which of course is often necessary.

I’m inclined to think that the media here in The U.S. are more involved in things like attaching malicious tracking software to your computer and hacking emails if they are doing anything like what Murdoch’s employees were. Did your computer ever slow way down after visiting a news website?

One thing is for sure now that the scandal has broken. The media eat their own. And of course this could all be part of a larger plan by the media, and Rupert Murdoch could simply be saying, circulation and ratings are down, Eat Me!!!!!!!! sort of along the lines of Hollywood’s publicity stunts, or any publicity is good publicity, particularly bad publicity. If it bleeds, it leads.

It brings to memory one of my previous essays, Should The Media Be Removed From The Election Process? in which I describe the relationship of the media to our community and offer an example of predatory behavior on their behalf, that of a local television reporter attaching a GPS tracking device to the car of his subject.

Who polices the media?

Even more concerning is that our elected often make decisions based upon how the media will react and not what is best for the population, totally disregarding the needs of the citizenry. This demonstrates the power of the media but it also presents a valid reason for more control of the media. The media actually can and often does act as a wedge between what is best for the country and what actually happens. The media have their interests which may altogether be different from that of the country.

I enjoy very much reading the newspaper and watching the news on television or online.

Yet, we must not forget, the media are corporations whose product often is “us.” They attack us, assassinate our character, use our images, investigate and publish about us without our permission, all the while making massive profits from such predatory behavior, to which we profit very little if at all. The news media produce no tangible goods, no food or retail goods. The public is “the goods.” The media are corporations which have the rights of an individual person. The media just do not appear like a person when manifested, and often they act like anti-social monsters with fangy, cannibalistic appetites, deftly cloaked in our Constitutional Laws. We must not forget that as we move forward, lest we find ourselves always heading to our destinations with a stake in our hands in order to protect our interests from that creature writhing in the shadows of our Constitutional Law.

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