William Thien

I Support a Balanced Budget Amendment at The Federal Level

Posted on: July 21, 2011

After hearing all the “end of the world” scenarios and all of the pleas for an increase in the debt ceiling, the one thing I think which should come out of the current budget negotiations is a balanced budget amendment.


It is the only way we as a country can get Washington, which often thinks differently than the rest of the country, particularly when it comes to taxes, to treat the American taxpayer with some respect. Washingtonians, which is what our elected become after being in office for several years, are insulated from the rest of us. It’s a private club. Aside from a few politicians that meet regularly with their constituency, those elected to federal office often lose sight of what it is to be an American.

With a balanced budget amendment, our elected will by law never forget what it is to be an American. Let us not let them forget. Let us not!

Contact your elected officials today and tell them you would like to see a balanced budget amendment now!

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