William Thien

Medicaire. Medicaid. Kittycare? Kittycaid?

Posted on: July 25, 2011

I really don’t know what to make of this story except that it is an indication how haywire the social safety net has become in this country.

I was chatting recently with a friend of mine on the telephone and he tells me this story about someone he used to work with that was laid off. The guy who was laid off owns cats and likes his cats very much. One day when he gets up in the morning he notices there is something wrong with one of his favorite cats and so he takes the animal in to the veterinarian.

After a few minutes the vet comes out and says his cat is going to need a $4500 operation. Luckily, the guy says, he’d saved some money before he was laid off and he can pay for it. Go ahead, he tells the vet, let’s do it.

Two months later the guy himself finds out that he himself needs to have some medical work done and it turns out the doctor’s bills approach thirty-five hundred dollars. But since he was laid off, he lost his health insurance. And since he spent the money on his cat’s surgery two months prior, he can’t cover the cost of his own health care anymore. He didn’t buy his own private insurance plan. Now he doesn’t know what to do.

So, he files with the government that he is unable to pay for the doctor’s bills. Now you and I are paying for his doctor’s bills when, had he not paid to have $4500 dollars of veterinarian work done on his cat, he would have had the money.

I like animals as much as the next guy. But this seems to me to be a little insane and is a clear indication of how haywire the social safety net has become in this country. And I’d be willing to bet many of those cat women out there, you know, the ones that have three or more cats, and there are a lot of them, have done just what that guy has done. It’s not just the money, it’s the cost to administer the money as well.

And it’s the insanity of it all.

It’s Not My Cat. Why Do I have to Pay to Have it Cured? Because that’s effectively what has happened, make no mistake. And it probably happens all the time.

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1 Response to "Medicaire. Medicaid. Kittycare? Kittycaid?"

i guess the problem here is that, when filing for personal medicare (or whatever the current plan for indigent insurance is), they’ll ask you to disclose your current amount of assets —— but not make you account for how you chose to spend recently disposed of assets; anyhow, i question greatly the judgment of someone nearly indigent who would spend $3500 on his cat —— but then i’ve never been a pet owner.

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