William Thien

All Is Not “Unfair” with Obamacare

Posted on: August 29, 2011

There has been a lot of negative hype about the Obama Administration’s Health Care Law which has been going gradually into effect. In fact some believe Obamacare was one of the driving forces behind the formation of The Tea Party.

There is one provision in Obamacare which I find entirely acceptable, though.

There is one crucial element of Obamacare that I believe is so significant that were it not for the other equally unacceptable aspects of the law (the requirement to purchase health insurance, for example), I would not change a thing, and that one crucial element is the prohibition of “pre-existing conditions” clause, that health insurance companies cannot avoid paying for treatment because someone has a “pre-existing condition.”

I have no way of knowing but I’d be willing to wager that it is the very reason The Tea Party is getting so much support from the health insurance industry (not to mention what I call the “Big Business Robot Frontmen,” so-called conservatives lining up at the Health Insurance Industry trough), that the health insurance industry wants to create political discord in relation to Obamacare because that very provision, “the no pre-existing conditions” clause in the law, is not “in the profit plan.” Nothing wrong with making a profit, as I’ve said many times before. In fact, it’s great! Unless of course it is making everyone sick.

And when all is said and done, when this thing makes it to The Supreme Court, I doubt it will be determined that you can refuse someone because they have a pre-existing condition in the same way that say an auto insurance company can turn someone down because they are a repeat OWI offender. There is a big difference. People generally don’t have a choice with regard to pre-existing conditions.

If there is one thing that comes from Obamacare in the “no pre-existing conditions” clause in the law is that it seems to me to be the beginning, it signifies a new, sensible form of regulation that the government hasn’t been able to induce from within for a long time. All to often there is an over abundant, all-encompassing agency of regulation to the point of stifling manufacturing and industry in general, which the conservative side of the aisle makes known to good standing. But the “no pre-existing conditions” clause within Obamacare seems like a healthy regulatory maneuver on its own merits.

It is yet to be determined if The Supreme Court will throw the entire law out or if they will find parts of it unconstitutional. Let’s just hope they get to it before this entire episode in American History makes everyone sick.

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