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Why Is The Federal Reserve Deliberately Stimulating Inflation, Part II?

Posted on: September 6, 2011

In October of 2010 I wrote an essay titled “Why is the Federal Reserve Deliberately Stimulating Inflation?” I discussed the history of such behavior by governments and how it often backfires, causing runaway inflation and consequently, economic and social collapse.

If there is one poignant factor to consider with the current policy coming from the FED is that the wages of US workers are not and have not been keeping up with inflation for the last two decades. So, any attempt to drive up the cost of goods and services will only widen the wealth gap between the working poor and other socio-economic classes in our society, and any attempt to stimulate inflation is the surest way to abolish the middle class through what could be called systematic, economic genocide. And it raises the question, is it just careless policy or is it policy by design? And even more importantly, whose design is it if it is in fact by design?

Finally, such policy is a short-term business policy as it is the middle class that is the driving force of the American economy. Kill the middle class, kill the economy.

Add to that the constant increase in taxes and fees and coupled with inflation by design and, well, you may as well just dig a mass grave for the middle class.

For your convenience here is the link to my previous essay on the matter, Why is the Federal Reserve Deliberately Stimulating Inflation


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