William Thien

Trends in Banking. Snag a Bailout and Divy it Up As Bonuses.

Posted on: September 13, 2011

I was surprised to hear today that the largest bank in America is going to lay off 30,000 employees. That is the same number of people as a small to medium sized city.

But then something occurred to me at the same time, that The President has recently been talking about jobs and certain types of financial stimulus. And the thought did cross my mind, it really did, that perhaps, just maybe, since they have done it twice already that big banks are positioning themselves for another big bailout at the expense of the American public.

What if big banks have developed a new business strategy that involves screaming “it’s the end” and “we are too big to fail,” hiding the money they have somehow, and then threatening massive layoffs while simultaneously crying to the current administration’s economic advisors that if they aren’t bailed out, it will signal a new national economic depression? The banks have done it twice already. They could be saying, why not once more? What a business plan! Or, what a criminal enterprise, rather.

Get the media to spin it enough to scare the American public to get behind it again, and again, and again, and again, and voila, banking executives will be singing again and again, “We’re in the money…we’re in the money. Suckerssssssssssss!”

Nevertheless, after the last two bailouts and seeing the banks hand out million dollar bonuses in six months or less to their executives, our elected leadership would be extremely negligent, perhaps corrupt and criminal, if they simply started handing out public funds to the banks once again, creating more massive national debt, unemployment, a veritable depression.

There is nothing conservative about that. That’s big government, ladies and gentlemen, making suckers of the America public at the behest of the banking sector, make no mistake.

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