William Thien

Don’t Forget to March by Congress and The Senate After Marching on Wall Street. Don’t Forget!

Posted on: October 17, 2011

While we are all disappointed about what the banks and insurance companies did with the two massive bailouts received from both the previous and current administrations, we must not forget that it was the government that gave Wall Street our tax dollars in the first place, with few restrictions whatsoever about what was done with the money, and that it is the government that has since done little if anything about what almost everyone perceives as the massive, corrupt use of the money by the banks and insurance companies, such as the million dollar bonuses, for example.

So, if protesters are going to march on Wall Street, perhaps it is advisable to go a little further down the road to Congress and The Senate and remind our elected that if they are going to bail anyone out again, to think about the American public first this time. And do our elected want to help repay the bailouts by giving up their lavish benefits, by the way?

We must not forget that banks are businesses and businesses are in business for the sake of business and though it may seem unethical, it apparently it is not beyond banks or insurance companies to take a handout if there are no strings attached. Money is after all money.

“Bankers, bums, what’s the difference? They both have their hands out.” I overheard that in a conversation at a restaurant the other day. The difference is the amount of money. One has a wheelbarrow.

People are angry and finally starting to act in a coordinated manner.

Ultimately, though, change will only come through proper regulation of the aforementioned perpetrators, if not by some other, more direct means. Congress and The Senate are as much at fault as the banks and the insurance companies. If we don’t see to it that our elected address the matter more directly, more promptly, which they haven’t, we should expect the circumstances to happen again, perhaps in the not too distant future.

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