William Thien

Time to Put an End to The Patriot Act

Posted on: November 2, 2011

The thing that concerns me the most about The Patriot Act, that insidious piece of legislation that the country seems to have for the most part forgotten, that piece of legislation which enables the government to accumulate and collect each and every piece of information it wishes about any and all private citizens in The United States which makes everyone by definition a suspect in the War on Terrorism, that piece of legislation that enables the government to surveil any private citizen it so chooses without judicial oversight, the thing that concerns me the most about The Patriot Act is that it is probably the most unpatriotic piece of legislation ever enacted in The United States.

The ACLU claims The Patriot Act has only been responsible for one, yes, that’s one arrest due to terrorist activity. Yet, the government has been monitoring all of our financial transactions, credit card activity, emails, can monitor telephones, and anything else the government so chooses in the name of the War on Terrorism for a decade now.

I was surprised to discover that The ACLU is not against The Patriot Act in its entirety but has taken the position that it needs to be “reformed.”

A sheep might not find anything abhorrent in such behavior. But to a man, it is unacceptable.

The most disconcerting aspect of The Patriot Act is raised by the question, “What is the government doing with all of that information they have been collecting for the last TEN YEARS!” Why is everyone by definition a suspect?

I personally don’t believe the goal any longer, and it may never have been, I don’t believe the primary goal of The Patriot Act is to address the problem of terrorist bombers running around our country, but it is instead to surveil potential threats to the government from within the indigenous population of The United States that wish to see the changes our government is working so very hard to prevent. I believe that the legislation’s original intent has been bastardized in the name of “Big Government” and for that very reason The Patriot Act must be repealed.

Who knows how the government is utilizing the information? They are still collecting it. Is the government quietly assassinating citizens based on information collected using The Patriot Act? Are they harassing those they feel represent a political threat of some sort as defined by some secret council? Such disquieting questions are myriad and persistent.

It is time to repeal The Patriot Act and replace it with something less pervasive.

It is time to repeal The Patriot Act or we are not a country of men.

Copyright © William Thien 2011

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