William Thien

The Term “Liberal” is Just a Euphemism for “Socialist” or “Communist”

Posted on: November 14, 2011

While having a conversation with someone over lunch I noticed that the person kept using the term “liberal” in reference to the media and the government. Most of the conversation settled on the subject of the government handing out checks for people having children out-of-wedlock or someone obtaining social security because they once had a serious problem with drugs or alcohol and now they are unable to work.

And it occurred to me that when the person was referring to the “liberal” media and how the government hands out money in a “liberal” manner, what they really meant to say was that the government acts like a communist or socialist entity and that the media, particularly the televised media, likes such governmental behavior because it insures a larger audience of those who wish not to work by choice, thereby increasing ratings, thereby allowing the media to charge more for advertising time. In other words, as in my previous essay titled Is the Media Really as Liberal as They Say? the media benefits from socialist behavior on the part of the government because people who are working are not watching television nor are they usually listening to the radio or reading the newspaper. A communist, though, who is not working by choice, milking the system so to speak, is probably patronizing one form or another of the media more frequently.

The term “Liberal” is just a media sanctioned euphemism for “Communist” or “Socialist” and may be media lingo meant to shade the reality of a citizen’s current relationship with the government-media complex. It’s time we realize that.

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