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Is the Media Really as Liberal as They Say?

Posted on: January 26, 2012

This is a reprint of an essay published in 2010. Occasionally I will be running some of the previously published essays again, not because I don’t have new issues for you, rather, some essays were dramatically more popular than others, and I would like you to have the opportunity to read them again without having to dig for them

Is the Media Really as Liberal as They Say?

How many times have you heard the statement that the reason the media slants things so far to the left is because the media is “liberal?” You have probably heard such a statement hundreds, perhaps thousands of times.
I have a different perspective on the matter. I do not believe the reason the media appears to slant things to the left is due to the fact that the media is liberal. I believe it is something else entirely.

First, let’s ask the question, ‘What do people do when they are at home if they are not taking care of some domestic requirement?’ Watch television. Nothing wrong with that.

I think the media is up to something else entirely than simply making life better for everyone by instilling so-called liberal values to everyone sitting in front of the tube. Knowing that slanting things to the left is not good for our industrial economy, or that portion of our economy which has traditionally required the greatest number of employees, knowing that slanting things to the left will put companies out of work and send people home, the media has implemented a business plan. The media know that if people are out of work, they watch television. And you know what? That is good for ratings. And ratings, in the television world, mean advertisers have to pay more for advertising time. The supposed liberal slant is good for media business. What is liberal about that?

And there are entire social groups that such behavior appeals to since they don’t want to work, anyway. They have brought up several generations on entitlements and increased their populations while simultaneously being catered to by such a media. Consumer products are tailored to such populations. The liberal slant is really a multi-level marketing plan with a so-called liberal media in complicity, implementation.

There is of course a humanistic slant to the media. But the old saying, “If it bleeds, it leads,” a common journalistic saw, indicates predation, not liberalism. What more must one say?

No, the media is not liberal. I believe instead it is exercising an elaborate business plan, all the while hiding behind the constitution, surreptitiously undermining our economy to improve its own. The men and women of the media are not wholly humanistic as we would like to believe. They are chosen based on thorough studies completed by massive media conglomerates. Since when are corporations liberal?

And who can blame them? It is business. Since when was business easy?

That is what is going on with the media. The media could care less about liberalism otherwise. The apparent left slant to the media is a business plan to increase ratings and thereby improve its bottom line.

And our constitution supports that type of behavior, the subtle yet elaborate deconstruction of our economy for better ratings.

Copyright © William Thien 2010
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2 Responses to "Is the Media Really as Liberal as They Say?"

I have always had the feeling that the liberal media is a myth kept alive by people who don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions. From the high-ups in government to the tv evangelists, when they are exposed in their bad actions, the first reaction is “It’s the liberal media. They shouldn’t publish this, they are blowing everything all out of proportion, it’s all their fault”. It’s just an excuse for not wanting to accept the mistakes they have made all by themselves.

Very interesting perspective. To a certain extent, I would have to agree with you. But who says the media decides what constitutes public morality, particularly when the media are corporations, profiteers? Nothing wrong with profit. But like the church and science, the media and public morality don’t make for an honest marriage. More often than not, the media is nothing more than a kangaroo court, often convicting via public opinion, errors of omission, and slight.

Copyright William Thien, 2012

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