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Recently I heard a statistic suggesting more people are now receiving government entitlements (a regular check from the government) of some type or another in The United States than are paying into the system of entitlements. Of course such a circumstance is economically untenable, owing to our substantial national debt, amongst other things.

The problem with the current system of entitlements, though, is that entire generations of families have been raised on such funds originating at the local, state, and federal levels and such disbursements of money are a constant insult to those families who have struggled to raise their children with no such aid yet have paid into such systems seemingly in perpetuity.

The systems of entitlements are growing, too, entangling the economy through the activity of lobbyists and regulation, entrenching themselves in bureaucracy.

Furthermore, the influx of government money into social and medical programs and other support systems creates an artificial demand and drives to costs of medical services up for regular consumers.

It is one thing to be in need. It is entirely another to use such systems as a means of employment and population generation after generation after generation while your neighbor becomes enslaved by the system of taxation needed to perpetuate the entitlements.

It is time to end the current system of entitlements in The United States. Any politician that does not address the issue directly and promptly from this point on shall not receive the vote.

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Much of the debate recently concerning birth control and religious organizations may in fact lead the formation of a position to attack the ultimate issue of abortion due to abortion’s single issue value during elections. Liberal politicians fear the issue of abortion like no other and some wholly religious conservatives may have decided that to go about seeing abortion made illegal again requires logical preparation, so to speak.

Another issue which could throw the election is that of entitlements. I heard recently that there are now more people in The United States receiving some form of government disbursement than there are paying into the system of disbursements. In other words, there are more people getting a “government check” than there are paying into the system giving the money away. That is of course financially untenable and it is not just a “Tea Party” issue. Everyone I mentioned the statistic to said they were not surprised and wanted to know when “somebody” was going to do something about it. When I said “somebody” isn’t going to do anything about it because it is the promise of the government check that “somebody” uses to get themselves re-elected, whomever and wherever that somebody governs in The United States, the general response was of course what was to be expected.

Another single issue which hasn’t received any debate is that of a national medical marijuana law, yet there was a story on network news yesterday about how doctors have been manipulated by drug companies to essentially “push” painkillers to the extent that it is believed many more people are addicted to painkillers today than would be were they prescribed under normal circumstances. Not much coverage on the benefits of medical marijuana vs. chemical painkillers, but what do you expect from the news syndicates who receive huge suns of money from drug companies. Perhaps if medical marijuana advocates want to see a national law on the matter they should start paying off the media as well with massive campaigns.

What do you think is the next big single issue?

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