William Thien

Republicans Are Missing the Point on Abortion and Birth Control

Posted on: March 5, 2012

One of my first essays on this site was titled “Abortion and The True Conservative.” I discussed the position of a true conservative and how true conservatives view the subject of abortion. Essentially, since a true conservative believes in smaller government, a true conservative will not stand in the way of a woman who wants to have control over her own body and would let her either choose to have an abortion or to utilize birth control.

Why? Because most women are not able to support a child on their own. If they are not married or have no means to support the new baby and keep themselves fed, they more often than not will need to fall back on some sort of government program (AFDC, Food Stamps, WIC to name a few programs here in the midwest available to unwed mothers) in order to support their new family. That means more government by definition. A true conservative is for less government by definition. The more women unable to support themselves and their children, the more government will be needed to address the circumstances. Prevention of birth control or outlawing abortion means bigger government and is contrary to the position of a “true conservative.” It is as simple as that.

Why? It is human nature. Birth control is a way to insure that unwanted pregnancies don’t end up on the public dole. And when unwanted pregnancies don’t end up on the public dole, government stays smaller and less expensive, which means lower taxes. Again, the matter is quite simple.

If you tell a woman she can not have an abortion, if you outlaw abortion, it is only ethical, if you are taking the position that abortion is “murder,” it is only ethical then that you will have to provide a means to support her and the child which you have forced her to have. Would you have her living in the streets with the child? The same goes if you outlaw birth control.

Now, those Republicans who call themselves “conservatives” in my opinion are doing no one any favors by siding with faith only on the matter. It is merely a feint to obtain more votes from “the religious right,” whose heart may be in “the right” place, but how often have good intentions led to disastrous consequences, in this case massive populations of people born and raised on a system which essentially enslaves the middle classes to the tax system needed to perpetuate such sexual behavior? Is it not more of a crime to enslave entire classes of people to a burdensome system of taxes to pay for such sexual behavior than it is to allow birth control? Do I even need to even ask?

Furthermore, if we examine the residual math of the circumstances, it is much less expensive to society in terms of taxes to allow birth control and abortion than it is to outlaw them both and have massive tax expenditures to pay for what is most likely a sexual indiscretion, or worse, a decided attempt to raise a family on the public dollar. So the math is quite clear. It is just that nobody has been doing the math. That’s all. It has been policy entirely through emotion, taxing, costly, economically stifling policy.

No, those Republicans who are siding with the anti-birth control crowd and the anti-abortion crowd are not doing the Republican party or conservatives any favors and are in fact driving the female vote away from the party to more liberal positions which believe abortion should be legal and birth control should be allowed. Because like a wedge, what your teacher taught you was a “simple machine,” such anti-abortion positions and anti-birth control values are driving the female vote away from The Republican Party which is telling them they should not be able to decide what they can do with their own bodies.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the biggest mistakes The Republicans or conservatives in general can make, particularly at a time like this.

The Republican Party can no longer call themselves “conservatives” in name or definition while holding such nonsensical positions which are contrary to conservatism and that dramatically increase the size of government.

Copyright © William Thien 2012

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