William Thien

In Response to “Republicans are Missing The Point…”

Posted on: March 6, 2012

Several people have approached me today and asked why I was pointing out the fact that Republicans are missing the point on abortion and birth control? It goes against party politics it was suggested to disagree with such a major issue.

My response is this, throughout history mankind has concluded that before societies can take care of matters outside of their own affairs, they must first take care of their own realm, so to speak.

I see this matter as exactly that, a position which is primarily undoing the Republican Party and conservatism in general and which needs to be addressed directly, as it undermines a woman’s individual rights, with individual rights being primary to the foundation of The Republican Party and one of if not “the” primary characteristics of conservatism.

Since women vote, they should be accommodated in such regard as their own bodies. Otherwise, such a position will be to the continued peril of The Republican Party which likes to call itself “conservative,” a sanction which I believe a political party must earn, or at least maintain, and in said case which if examined thoroughly, one would see large increases in the size of government coming from Republican Administrations, which traditionally have claimed to be the harbinger of “small government.” In fact, “I am for smaller government” is a sort of mantra of The Republican Party whether it is contrary to what is actually accomplished.

If Republicans say abortion and birth control are illegal and it results in a large increase in unwed mothers seeking government assistance, which of course consequently drives up taxes, I believe then that Republicans disqualify themselves as “true conservatives” because their positions on birth control and abortion directly increase the size of government, dramatically, which is of course contrary to the policies of true conservatism.

That is all.

Carry on.

Copyright 2012 William Thien

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