William Thien

National “Turn it Off” Day

Posted on: March 20, 2012

Did you ever get the feeling that all the information they collect about you, the information they gather when you use your shopping card at the supermarket, the information they collect about you when you use your credit card, the web metrics they collect about you when you surf the internet, did you ever get the feeling that perhaps a little here and there isn’t bad, but the entire accumulation of it all is somehow a scourge on society of some sort and almost like preparation for an attack upon your person?

They were talking in the news recently about how several search engines collect massive amounts of information about you and track your interests, they say so they can target advertising, and that it is all indiscriminate, but did you ever get the feeling that it wasn’t, that they were somehow almost using the information against you? You had that feeling. I know you did. It was as if it was more than just a coincidence. It was as if it was a power play. It was as if they were asserting some sort of power over you. You felt it as if they were right behind your back in the room with you, didn’t you? Yes, I know you did.

They talked in the news about what could be done to curtail that kind of behavior. Then the discussion disappeared, almost as if the discussion was lip service alone, meant to quell any unrest, and then the wool was pulled over the public’s eyes and your desires to maintain your privacy were silenced right then and there.

Perhaps we as a country should have a “National Turn it Off” day and turn everything off that is connected to something that can collect and obtain information about you. Turn off the television if it is connected to cable or satellite, turn off the internet, turn off your cell phone. As a form of protest. Just turn it all off. Read a book made of paper. Go fishing. Cook out with the family.

Just a thought. Because I think more than anything that is what they fear, what the collectors of information about you fear. Otherwise, they won’t change their behavior. It will just get worse. What was once a beautiful and free place to research information and even shop, such as the internet, has become a toxic environment in many ways. Employers are forcing people to open up their Facebook accounts. Governments are collecting anything and everything. In a matter of a few years the internet has become a very, very dangerous place in a way, and there are few if any laws protecting the users from abuses of oversight and corporate and governmental tyranny.

A “National Turn it Off” day. Just a thought. What would be a good day for a “Nation Turn it Off” day? Let’s hear your suggestions.

Copyright © William Thien 2012

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