William Thien

The Campaign Handout Onslaught

Posted on: March 28, 2012

Dear Politician,

When I sent my donation or multiple donations to your campaign, or when I worked on your campaign, it was not with the intent that your hand would be outstretched at my door in the form of campaign junk mail everyday thereafter for all eternity. I did not volunteer with the intent that you would telephone me at all hours of the day from “Caller ID Unavailable” telephone numbers with surprise requests for more money. I for one need to keep my telephone line open for emergency calls and other communications. If I am concerned about answering the telephone because I am trying to avoid being approached for more money again and again, well I can guarantee that you have lost my vote.

I understand that it is difficult to get elected in these tough times without significant media saturation, which is of course expensive, but it occurs to me that if you really had something to offer, really had some substantial positions that “We the People” were in agreement on, you would not need such massive sums of money to bolster your campaign. But I don’t know. I am not a politician. You have made yourselves such a “special class” of people that perhaps you are also making yourselves impossible to get elected. It makes me wonder to whom you are beholden, the people, or are you really just paying off the media? Which causes me to recall my earlier essay Should The Media be Removed from The Election Process?

Of course it is obvious that it is necessary to essentially “buy off” the media with such huge sums of money for campaign commercials and ads in order to avoid damaging media coverage, or none at all, which would be sure to undermine your efforts to get elected, but you politicians wrote the laws that govern campaigns and campaign finances to begin with. Which, by the way, what is done with all of that money if you lose the election and haven’t spent it on the campaign?

With that said, please, my good man, or woman politician, please, stop with the barrage of slanderous, despicable, junk mail and the constant telephone calls. I have no place for it. Not any longer. We are not getting anywhere with these methods. Please stop, that is if you would like me to vote for you, vote for you again, or sign the petition to put you on the ballot.

Yours Truly, or, until we meet again, which will probably be tomorrow when you or one of your campaign staffers shows up at my door, or when I receive another piece of junk mail, or when someone calls me on the phone asking for money, or if I myself run for office, when I’ll be knocking on your door.

Yours Truly,

William Thien

Copyright © William Thien 2012

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