William Thien

Down with Robocalls!

Posted on: April 3, 2012

The thing about Robocalls is that there is nobody on the other end to which you can ask to stop calling you, it’s a robot!

This evening I received a barrage of Robocalls, at least eight, maybe ten. I don’t know how many really because I didn’t answer all of them. The robots were calling due to the primary here tomorrow, and during most of the Robocalls I had to wait several seconds until they activated their script. I’d hang up after one and minutes later I received another. I had several calls from Wisconsin, one from Illinois, one from Mississippi, and a number from “Private Number” or “Caller I.D. Unavailable” listings. Since I was waiting for another call from a “real person,” these calls from the robots were particularly aggravating because I could have simply turned the ringer off had I not been expecting an important call. What’s worse, it’s bad enough when a human is spewing bs at you, but when a robot is doing it, it is particularly egregious.

Many of the calls are not even from the candidates’ campaigns, and when I received calls from unlisted numbers, I had to ask, is this the competitor doing this just to aggravate me, knowing we are all sick of the calls? All you would have to do is record one call from one candidate and then use unlisted numbers and call their constituency umpteen times and by the time election day rolls around, their constituency would be voting for the competition simply due to the overwhelming onslaught of obnoxious calls. So the idea really is not functional.

Finally, it’s not even the candidates anymore, it’s Superpacs and other interested parties that are calling supposedly on behalf of the candidates. Sure. So you don’t even know who is who.

What happened with Campaign Finance Reform, a bi-partisan production? What a mess! One can’t keep up with normal life anymore, one can’t escape all the taxes and fees and traffic tickets and now they are in your home reaching for more money, or for “your support.”

Finally, and most disturbingly, the number of Robocalls and the breath of time over which they have been disseminated, nay perpetrated, demonstrates a complete and utter disregard for the sanctity AND security of the American home by our political establishment, regardless of party, and it needs to stop.

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Down With RoboCalls!

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