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Is there a time coming in America’s Political History whereby conservatives are going to distance themselves from Republicans? Republicans going all the way back to Ronald Reagan have definitely given conservatives enough reason.

One of the pillars of conservatism is individual liberty. When the Supreme Court recently ruled that someone jailed for not paying a traffic ticket could be strip searched, and not just strip searched but cavity searched, I had to conclude that when everyone becomes aware of that fact, it will be a watershed moment in the history of The Republican Party, a watershed in that Conservatives are going to get in their boats and float away from The Republican Party. Why? Because the Supremes who reached said ruling were nominated predominantly by Republicans.

But that is just the latest intrusion upon individual liberty brought by Republicans. Going back to Ronald Reagan, who is known for re-invigorating the “War on Drugs,” as if the drugs themselves were massing on our borders with no help from humans, going back to Reagan, Republicans have been hacking away at individual liberties.

When Reagan re-fueled the drug war along came all kinds of search and seizure authority which until then was considered unconstitutional such as search of autos during traffic stops with no probable cause, more invasive searches of persons, personal effects, personal records, you name it, all without warrant, all in the name of The War on Drugs.

Then, when the WTC attacks occurred, along came new and more pervasive electronic searches, additional powers of intrusion, all in the name of The War on Terror and The Patriot Act, all under another Republican, George Bush Jr., necessary, perhaps, but definitely another landslide in the Republican led erosion of personal liberty in The United States. And of course none of this is without the support of Congress and The Senate comprised of both parties, which must essentially sanctify such legislation and authority. But it is under the leadership of Republican Presidents that we see the implementation of the most pervasive intrusions.

Some conservatives that I know are looking for alternatives to Republicanism as a form of conservatism.

True conservatives are fed up with Republicans in that regard and it may be time for Republicans to consider what they have done before they do more damage and find themselves squatting in prison intake and being told to cough in the shakedown of individual freedom for which they seem to have so much disregard.

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Where I live the media is generally “anti-gun” and has been probably since the advent of guns. And everyone unable to see past the wool which the media pulls over the public’s eyes on a daily basis is as well.

The media instigates disagreements between the perpetrator and people who use firearms for protection. The mainstream media use statistics indicating criminals use guns but rarely if ever talks about how law-abiding citizens escape catastrophic events by defending themselves with the use of a gun. You have probably heard that the media is so anti-gun because the media is “liberal.” That one is used to explain everything about the media, but if you read my essay “Is the Media Really as Liberal as They Say,” you’ll see I disagree with that sentiment. But the media’s anti-gun bias raises questions in my mind.

Why is the media so anti-gun? Is it because the media likes to portray themselves as “shepherds of the flock” whilst hiding behind the 1st Amendment? Is it because the media is worried about getting shot while out reporting on the population, often like a bunch of blood suckers?

I’ve concluded that the answer to those questions is a definite “no.” It is my opinion that the media doesn’t like guns because guns represent power to the media, power in particular to control your own lives, and more importantly in the eyes of the media, not to have to do what the media wants you to do by manipulating the state. We all know how afraid the various levels of government are of negative media coverage, which in a sense indicates a deference to the media with regard to control, and it is that particular relationship with the government that the media has that suggests to me the real dislike the media has of guns is due to the media’s desire for control, to empower its message, whatever it may be that day, or who its advertisers are.

Are the media afraid of guns because they are afraid for their own lives? Of course. But that is only a minor reason in comparison to the media’s desire for control and the threat that public gun ownership represents to media control of the public.

Guns are the obstruction thrown into the mechanism of a triad of public governance between government, the media, which is often called another branch of government, and law enforcement. Together they often work to ensure that the public does not stray from their social design for the public. They share information, have lunch and sleep with one another. The media feed off of what the government and law enforcement report for the sake of sensationalism and ratings. The relationship between the three is unquestionably symbiotic. Nothing wrong with that really. Until they start trying to disarm the public. Then such activity indicates a front of some kind, and it indicates that their agenda is not the same as that of the citizenry.

The media doesn’t like guns because guns undermine the media’s position in the totem of American life.

You have to give them credit, though, with hiding behind the Bill of Rights and all as if it were a wool blanket.

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