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How About a “Do Not Call List” for Politics?

Posted on: April 6, 2012

This week has been particularly distasteful with the Primary Election here, not so much because of the choices on the ballot, because I have had to answer the telephone now at least twenty times and have avoided just as many calls from politicos of some type or capacity, campaign staffers or Superpacs.

Most of the calls are Robocalls but now since the Primary is over that behavior seems to have tailed off quite a bit. Now I am getting calls from campaign staffers, real people, not robots, asking no less, how I am going to vote? I’d like to vote for you, I offer sometimes, but not if you keep this up. You see, I tell them, this is the sixth call already this evening. Understand?

Recently I wrote a piece titled “Down with Robocalls.” But it occurs to me that when the law was created prohibiting merchants from calling you at home and a list was created so sales people could not call you at home (which they still do, by the way, even if you put your number on the list), the politicians who wrote the law left something very important out, that the politicians themselves shouldn’t be able to call you, either.

In fact, you have to ask yourself what is worse, some poor sap in an office somewhere calling and trying to sell you siding for your house (which is never fun) or a call from a politician who wants to know your position on late-term abortions or something equally disturbing? Really! At this hour? Over dinner?

How was it that the politicians failed to include themselves on the “Do Not Call List?” They failed in the same way they failed when they failed to determine that money isn’t speech when the most recent campaign finance law was created. It wasn’t a mistake. That was a crucial issue which was deliberately neglected. It had to have been. The campaign finance law was supposed to make the situation better. Is it? Do I have to ask? It’s far worse. It was no mistake that Campaign Finance didn’t deal with the “money is speech” issue. What politician in his right “political mind” would cut off that type of funding anyway? Really? Think about it.

Again, it is a clear indication that America’s political establishment demonstrates a complete and utter disregard for the sanctity AND security of the American home when its own needs are at hand, regardless of party, by clogging up home and personal lines of communication with what often amounts to nothing more than political nonsense surveys developed at the behest of some pollster.

Furthermore, it’s an indication that our political class has lost course and is spending too much time on its own desires and not that of the citizenry.

All of the calling needs to stop, Robocalls, vote tallies, you name it. It’s outrageous and maybe even a scandal waiting to happen.

It’s time for politicians to adhere to the “Do Not Call List” like everyone else. Do you think they will write that into the law?

Your guess is as good as any. But I’d bet your intuition is even better.

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4 Responses to "How About a “Do Not Call List” for Politics?"

Congress and the entire political process has become a parody of itself. Sadly, members don’t care if they act and sound like fools, as long as they become rich fools.


I recently started a petition on the White House petitions site, We the People. It is aimed at stopping ALL unwanted calls, including political calls! Will you sign it? You can read and sign it at: http://wh.gov/0c6v It is time to make them fix this!! Please let everyone you know know about this petition. Thank you.


Reblogged this on William Thien and commented:

How About a “Do Not Call List” for Politics? Yeah, How About It? This is a reblog from April 6, 2012, prior to the primary election, when Robocalls were coming in five an hour for me in the evening.


I for one am completely fed up with these calls! I recently started a petition on the White House petitions site, We the People, to get the TCPA and Do Not Call List toughened and have better enforcement. You can view (and sign) it at http://wh.gov/0c6v. It is time to stop all of these harrassing and annoying calls. Please spread the word!


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