William Thien

Are We at A Pivotal Moment in The History of The United States?

Posted on: April 21, 2012

I have heard recently, many times for some reason, the comment that The United States is like ancient Rome and that The U.S. is in a period of decline similar to that of Rome after its great age. I disagree with that sentiment but have an explanation as to why, as in the sense of revenue appropriation. Though, I believe any such decline is due to something else primarily if it is indeed the case that The United States is in a period of decline, which I do not qualify or quantify here.

So, I said to myself that the statement about ancient Rome sounds true perhaps in a way. But what is the reason?

I thought about that and it occurred to me that the case of the decline of The United States is probably different than that of ancient Rome.

If the statement that The United States is in a period of decline similar to that which ancient Rome once suffered, then it is due to the point in the history of The United States where tax policy which was once used to accumulate revenue for the sake of funding certain types of activities and to support public projects, any decline is due to a change from that type of tax policy to tax policy that merely generates revenue on a grand scale merely for the sake of generating revenue, resulting in the general overtaxation of the populace as the government becomes more adept at creating such pervasive tax policy, something ancient Rome suffered from as well.

See Income Taxes: Serial Killer of American Small Business https://williamthien.wordpress.com/2011/08/22/income-taxes-serial-killer-of-american-small-business/

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