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Mexican Tomatoes and Illegal Immigrants

Posted on: May 17, 2012

I was at the supermarket the other day in need of a tomato. The tomatoes seemed kind of pricey to me and while examining them to determine if I really wanted one, I noticed the little sticker they place on fruits and vegetables these days with a code on it so the cashier knows what to charge. There was a four digit code on the sticker and then a small emblem that said “Product of Mexico.”

Not finding a suitable tomato in that bin I stepped over to the next, the Beefsteak tomatoes, and began examining them. Low and behold, those tomatoes had an emblem on them that also said “Product of Mexico.”

The tomatoes weren’t exactly cheap. And for some reason I decided I didn’t need any tomatoes that day. I had heard also a while back in the news that some Mexican farmers have been found to have used human waste to fertilize their strawberry fields. I don’t know if that is reliable information or not, but the idea is certainly distasteful. That may have had something to do with my decision not to purchase the Mexican tomatoes. They sell Mexican grown strawberries from time to time where I shop and I don’t buy them, either.

Though I did need some lettuce. I picked up a volleyball sized head of iceberg lettuce and then went about my shopping. Upon gently setting some American ground beef into my cart I noticed that the plastic wrapper on the lettuce also had a “Product of Mexico” emblem on it.

The place I usually shop is the largest supermarket chain in my area. They generally have decent quality produce and their prices are usually competitive. Yet I admit to being somewhat surprised that a large portion of their fresh produce was from Mexico.

After noticing that the lettuce was from Mexico as well, for some reason, and I don’t know why, the discussion of illegal immigration in The United States immediately came to mind. Often during the debates about the matter the question comes up or is uttered from the mouth of someone advocating for illegals, “What would growers of fruits and vegetables in The United States do without illegal migrant farm workers from Mexico to pick their products?” Consequently, many of us have kind of looked the other way, believing in a sense somehow that we actually benefit from the presence of illegal immigrants here in The US. But do we really?

From what I can tell, a large amount of the produce is coming from Mexico already where I shop, anyway. Doesn’t that negate the need for the all the migrant farm workers which are most often here illegally in The United States?

And it raises the question, is the only reason that “producers” or “growers” or whomever need illegals around is because they want dirt cheap labor? The reason I ask is that it must totally undermine our own country’s working classes to have people willing to come from across the border to work for pennies on the dollar and willing to live in the barn and then go away when you tell them because they are concerned about being rounded up by immigration officials if they don’t leave.

It raises the questions, do we really need all of the illegal immigrants now if we are getting our produce from Mexico already anyway? Will the influx of produce grown in Mexico solve the problem of illegal immigration from across our southern border?

But the most significant question of them all is, and I think it is a question that you can still ask even if you are a conservative (because just because you are a working stiff doesn’t mean you can’t be a conservative) the question is, is the real reason we haven’t pursued the problem of illegal immigration in The United States more thoroughly, is the real reason because certain elements of our society actually want to undermine our own working classes in The US in order to insure lower cost labor?

I think we already know what the answer to that question is. “Si, Senior!”

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6 Responses to "Mexican Tomatoes and Illegal Immigrants"

I’ve been thinking about the same issue for a couple of months, and I’m not sure if my opinion is fully formed at this time. However, I would like to make an observation.

In my opinion, the simple solution is a return to an honest valuation of work. In my own work at the factory, I try to work so that I wouldn’t lose my job to any other worker, citizen or immigrant, legal or illegal.

There are many benefits of hard work – this is just one of them.

I suppose it could be argued as well that the reason Mexico has a market for exporting produce could be because of increased enforcement of illegal immigration through prosecuting companies that hire illegals. I’m not entirely sure that it actually would undermine our working class just because the workers are willing to work for so cheap. After all, we benefit from the lower prices of produce because they’re willing to work for so cheap. If growers were to all of a sudden start paying all their workers minimum wage, the price of produce would undoubtably go up, giving further incentive to get our produce from Mexico and other countries rather than USA grown.

That doesn’t at all justify illegals being here, of course, but it is a possible economic incentive.

There are some interesting points that I would like to address but don’t have the time to do so right now. I’ve instead decided to write another essay on the matter which essentially it has to do with the displacement of our own workers. When you put your own workers out of work, you drive the costs of everything up, including taxes to support government programs to keep them fed and housed, not to mention the government programs the illegals use when they come here such as medical for childbirth (child becomes a ward of the state from that point on due to its citizenship) and subsidies.

Add to that the laws which must be enforced, even if partially, such as the protection of the border, and the costs grow dramatically, exponentially.

Well, I’m certainly not in favor of illegal immigrants receiving benefits from government programs. I see that as an obvious problem. I would come from the perspective however that if people go out of work, it because they were not efficient enough producers, or that their employer was not. Either way it frees them to be a resource to go elsewhere, rather than sustaining inefficiency through subsidies or tariffs. This is simply my knee-jerk reaction though, and I look forward to hearing your views in your future essay.

Note from Blog Editor:

Though they do not represent my personal opinions, I am going to allow these comments with multiple redacts because I believe they demonstrate the frustration working class Americans have regarding the use of illegal aliens in factories and other production. And of course the comments are accurate. You can find all sorts of material on a variety of web sites referencing such intentions to take over America. In fact, I think there is a name for it, La Reconquista.

William Thien

I don’t buy anything made in mexico! I will not go to a mexican store or restaurant. I do not go to XXXMART because of their support for the mexicans. These illegals are here to try and take over! Its on film and all over u-tube. They have ruined their chances and now it is time for the American people to take charge. Our government is not going to help hard working legal Americans so we are going to have to take care of it ourselves. Don’t support them in any way, report suspicious looking people. Don’t fall for the racial profiling crap! If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck well its a XXXXXXX duck. We all have common sense and instincts so use them and if you suspect someone is illegal report it and the cops will have to investigate. I have worked in construction for over 25 years and have watched them take over just about every trade from roofers to electricians and brag about it. I have studied spanish for over 5 years and listen to the groups talk about how this is their land and how there is no more America. They are no more than deserters of their own country in there time of need and are making up excuses.If the illegal men who are here were real men they would be serving in the Mexican Military and helping fight the drug cartel. Prove to your wife and family that you have a pair and serve your country like an man. America did just fine without all these illegals and we will do just as good when they are gone. Besides there are million waiting to enter this country legally and live the American dream so the more illegals we deport the more legal law outbidding immigrants can enter and help instead of hinder this country.

And no other country has produced or is likely to produce anything close to the number or share of illegals.

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