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I have read a number of commentaries recently which attempt to determine whether or not government has increased in size over a given period of time. The authors attempted to measure the size of various portions of the government due to expenditures and number of personnel. If you ask me, that is an indirect way of measuring government and in fact distracts us from the true measure, taxes.

It occurs to me that perhaps a more direct way to measure the size of government is to simply measure government by the burden of taxation. Regardless of the actual size of government, if taxes have gone up over any given period of time, government has in fact increased in size with regard to its relationship with the public as its burden upon the public in the form of taxation has in fact increased. Therefore, government has grown.

Another way may be to simply determine to scope of regulation upon the citizen and industry. We know both of those statistics would also indicate an increase in the size of government as legislators make more and more laws every day.

The primary measure, though, in my opinion is increase in taxation. If taxation has increased, the size of government has increased, simple as that.

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Though I am not an entirely religious person, I believe that certain types of taxation can be described within the religious context of “Good and Evil” and I believe that in particular certain types of taxation can be described as “Evil” in a biblical sense.

Clearly no tax can honestly be called “Good” in a religious context or any other due to the burden that taxes place upon the taxpayer. Taxes may be necessary perhaps, but “Good,” no. Yet, a tax can most certainly be called “Evil” as you shall see.

Taxes that are described in the religious context as “Evil” are those taxes which are levied for one stated purpose and then used for an entirely different purpose. At the federal level The Social Security Trust Fund could be considered a contemporary example of such a tax. In the state where I reside the transportation fund, as an example, has been raided to pay for other programs and or merely to balance the budget.

Though many people believe that most taxation has now become excessive in The United States, in particular I believe that taxation which is represented and levied for one purpose and used for another can be considered an “evil” form of taxation in a religious context because it is a bastardization, a misrepresentation to the public of its intended use, of its true “weight,” thereby multiplying the burden upon the public as its misrepresented weight shifts upon the taxpayer in deceptive fashion.

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It was interesting to hear the ruling of The Supreme Court on Obamacare. A sizable majority of Americans were against Obamacare yet The Supreme Court ruled in favor. I agree that Democracy is often not the answer and the ruling on Obamacare is a prime example that democracy is not always a solution, but a tax is a tax is a tax, as The Supreme Court said that Obamacare was legal under Congressional Powers of Taxation.

In the not too distant past The Supreme Court also ruled essentially that money was speech and that limits under certain circumstances on campaign donations were legal. Of course we can all agree that such a ruling does not favor the public as now we are flooded with massive and constant political media campaigns that are impossible to verify. Now we have no honest, unbiased way to pick a candidate anymore. Who knows who or what organization is running the ads? Who has time to look into it all, the media? The ads are running on their stations and the media are making out like bandits. Do you think the media want the ads to stop? Not that we had it any better in the past, it is just that it is much worse with the ruling from The Supreme Court. Money is not speech.

Back to Obamacare. The problem I have with Obamacare is the mandate. Much of the rest of Obamacare is merely sensible legislation, such as the “No Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusions” clause, proper regulation of an industry, the health insurance industry, that has been behaving like a sociopathic monster running rampant amidst the population since the health care industry was de-regulated. The mandate requiring everyone to have employer sponsored health care or buy it was a gimme to health insurers and employers, plain and simple. Who is to say employers will now be free of conscience and start relieving themselves of the responsibility of providing health care to their employees? Some may do just that.

In essence with regard to the “money is speech matter,” it appears to me that The Supreme Court is complicating the lives of Americans who aren’t “extremely” wealthy or the poor and the rest of us have to sit there and let our country be governed from the bench while the two sides pull and yank at us for more taxes. Money is not speech.

It would appear that in terms of money matters, The Supreme Court has not been ruling in favor of the general public, the middle classes, and favors only those who are very wealthy or very poor. The general masses, to The Supreme Court, are inconsequential.

With regard to Obamacare, obviously The Supreme Court sees no problem with taxing the public beyond its capacity to pay taxes.

Obamacare and the “money is speech” ruling are two crucial rulings having significant impact on the quality of life and the cost of living in The United States. Both rulings do not favor the middle classes.

Final Ruling: The Supreme Court is not on the side of the general public.

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If as President Clinton’s adviser James Carville suggested during Clinton’s first campaign, “It’s the economy, stupid!,” then what about jobs, now?

It was Clinton who presided over the passage of NAFTA, The North American Free Trade Agreement. President Clinton also provided China with Most Favored Nation trading status, something that was for a long time a sticking point because CHINA IS STILL A COMMUNIST COUNTRY! To this very day!

If Ross Perot said there would be a “giant sucking sound” as jobs left the country with the passage of NAFTA, there was a sonic boom when jobs left the country for China when Most Favored Nation trading status was granted, by Clinton no less. In one administration, the Clinton Administration, two extremely detrimental actions were taken which totally, and I mean totally undermined the American worker for the long term. There isn’t much more you could have done to undermine the American worker than what was done during The Clinton Administrations.

Somewhere Clinton lost sight of the “real economy,” or jobs. Jobs that pay real wages and that offer life sustaining benefits are the “real economy.” Without those jobs, Americans can’t afford to buy “Made in The USA” if that’s what they wanted to do as I’ve stated before. They have to buy “Made in China” or “Made Somewhere Else.” Furthermore, by opening up the economy to foreign production in a such a way the employers and manufacturers willing to offer decent wages and benefits were essentially knocked out of the marketplace because they simply could not compete on a cost basis.

If you ask me, Clinton’s adviser Carville should have said, “It’s about screwing up the economy, stupid!” Because that’s exactly what that the Clinton administration did in the long run when they undermined the American working classes by passing NAFTA and granting China Most Favored Nation trading status.

Now it’s a fight to get those jobs back here and most think those jobs will never return.

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Some of you may recall during President Clinton’s first campaign a popular slogan was “It’s the economy, stupid!”

Coined by James Carville, an advisor to Clinton during the 1992 campaign, the comment was very effective.

I can say that if there is anything this election should be about, one thing is for sure, it should be about taxes. With the passage of Obamacare and acceptance of the law in the supreme court, taxes are sure to go up, way up, as government swells.

Personally, I think the only true way to curtail the persistent, creeping malaise of taxes in The United States is to begin to dismantle social programs and particularly government programs that reward illicit sexual behavior by offering a check to families having children out of wedlock. We must also properly regulate corporate behavior, which of course includes the media.

The Bush Era Tax Cuts are about to expire and more taxes are about to arrive. If you think the government’s cut of your income is excessive now, just wait. It’s as if they have successfully distracted the country from the true goal of conservatives throughout the nation and instead caused conservatives to focus on peripheral issues while increasing the tax burden. That of course is accomplished through clever, devious use of the media.

If this election is about anything, “It’s About Taxes!” It was about taxes when the country’s founding fathers threw the tea in the harbor. It has always, always been about taxes in this country. It will probably be about taxes for a long, long time. During that time everyone who profits from high taxation will do everything in their power to distract you from the fact that it is about taxes.

Yes, it is going to be about taxes for a long time now, and I don’t think democracy is going to be the solution, either. I know this because democracy hasn’t been the solution, yet.

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