William Thien

Can Taxation be Evil?

Posted on: July 27, 2012

Though I am not an entirely religious person, I believe that certain types of taxation can be described within the religious context of “Good and Evil” and I believe that in particular certain types of taxation can be described as “Evil” in a biblical sense.

Clearly no tax can honestly be called “Good” in a religious context or any other due to the burden that taxes place upon the taxpayer. Taxes may be necessary perhaps, but “Good,” no. Yet, a tax can most certainly be called “Evil” as you shall see.

Taxes that are described in the religious context as “Evil” are those taxes which are levied for one stated purpose and then used for an entirely different purpose. At the federal level The Social Security Trust Fund could be considered a contemporary example of such a tax. In the state where I reside the transportation fund, as an example, has been raided to pay for other programs and or merely to balance the budget.

Though many people believe that most taxation has now become excessive in The United States, in particular I believe that taxation which is represented and levied for one purpose and used for another can be considered an “evil” form of taxation in a religious context because it is a bastardization, a misrepresentation to the public of its intended use, of its true “weight,” thereby multiplying the burden upon the public as its misrepresented weight shifts upon the taxpayer in deceptive fashion.

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