William Thien

It’s About Taxes, Stupid. Part II

Posted on: October 9, 2012

Even if the candidates don’t agree, I declare that this election is about TAXES!

I try to avoid watching the mainstream media as it is mostly packaging for products and carefully scripted corporate and government propaganda. That is why I was surprised to hear a “health reporter” act so perplexed when discussing a “disturbing trend.” People are working eighty-hour work weeks, some taking three and four jobs, a full-time job and several part-time jobs.

The health reporter interviewed a financial consultant employed in the New York financial district who puts in seventy hours a week and another twenty commuting to and from work.

All of this work, the reporter said, coupled with a lack of sleep was bad for our health. She acted as if she was shocked and wondered what the trend was due to, why were people working so hard?

Taxes. It’s about TAXES, dear reporter.

People are working such long hours not so much because pay hasn’t kept up with inflation, which is a real problem, but people are working such long hours these days because the government, heck governments (federal, state, social and health programs, transportation taxes, fees, governments within governments fees), the various governments are taking so much more from your pay in taxes than they did just a couple of decades ago.

The reporter wanted to know why today’s worker doesn’t gain the same rewards as the previous generation where mom and dad settled down and dad went to work and then they bought a house and had you. “Why,” the puzzled reporter wanted to know in so many words, “is America spending so much time at work!”

Now I know why I don’t like watching television. Where do they get these people? Do they even graduate from high school? I felt like reaching right into the television and grabbing her by her silly looking business suit and shaking some sense into her. Is it an accident that they are so ignorant? I doubt it. Why? It’s PROPAGANDA.

The reason people are working so hard to keep up with the previous generation is due to taxes. If, as is quoted in Peter McWilliam’s book, Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do, if a family of four paid two percent of their income in 1950 in federal taxes, there then is you answer. A family of four pays ten times or more than that in taxes today, a normal family that is that pays taxes. People are scrambling all the time to keep the government sated.

There is your answer, reporter. And that’s why this election should more than anything be about taxes, lowering many taxes, abolishing many others, making them generally fair.

I declare that this election is about TAXES!

Copyright © William Thien 2012

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