William Thien

On Democratic Participation. Voting Equals “Acceptance.”

Posted on: October 11, 2012

The problem with democracy is if you vote, there is an unwritten rule that if the election is free and fair and honest you have to be a good sport and accept the outcome. Your only choice in the matter doesn’t come along again until the next election. These candidates, a politician can do a lot of damage in four years. If your candidate loses, you have to accept your fate. You can groan and whine, “My candidate lost, oh well. Now I guess we gotta do what the other guy want’s to do.” That’s why there is such a push to get you to vote. By doing so, they can blame you for your own fate even though you really had no real, acceptable choice in the matter, you NEVER would have chosen such an outcome yourself.

If your candidate wins, often the candidate does not act in your favor, anyway. Often they act in a manner that is completely opposite to what you require of them. Again, you have to accept your fate. You voted for the guy, now accept the higher taxes or the more dranconian laws. Since as it has been phrased so much the last fifty years as “the lesser of two evils that you are choosing at the ballot box,” it is still one evil or the other. You really have no choice. I say this because many people believe that now it is more that way than ever. In essence, when all is said and done, when you tally up the increases in taxes or the losses in jobs, the candidates come from the same camp. Make no mistake about that.

So if you vote, you really are in a way indicating your acceptance of the country’s political condition, you are indicating that you accept that evil, whether you like it or not. Voting equals “acceptance.”

By not voting you are making a choice not to accept the condition of the country. You are removing yourself from responsibility for the great, costly social experiments and the political misrepresentations. By not voting you are declaring that you do not accept the fate they wish for you. You are not playing the game any longer.

By not voting, you have more latitude to bring about change in other ways than the so-called democracy they force feed you, because you’ve stopped playing the game that for you you’ve determined by now has no suitable conclusion. Even if you win, you lose in the game called Democracy. That’s what you have been thinking at the back of your mind for a long time now, isn’t it?

Many of us are indeed undecided. Just not in the way that you think.

Copyright © William Thien 2012

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