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Ryan vs. Biden Debate Observations. And Why is It So Important We Are Decided by Now When There is Almost a Month Left Before The Election?

Posted on: October 12, 2012

Like a boxing match I scored the Ryan vs. Biden debate 11.5 pts to 11.5 pts, a tie in points, though I believe Ryan appeared to have more substantially factual positions while Biden appeared to be more confident. Ryan won on taxes 3.5 pts to Biden’s 1.5 pts. Biden won on Afghanistan 1.5 pts to Ryan’s .5 pts.

Both scored no points on Syria or on what they would tell a soldier fighting in Afghanistan what they thought about the state of the election and contemporary political behavior. Both scored a half a point on their position about the Superpac campaign ads.

Added 101312. What is interesting to me is that prior to the debate the call from all the pundits was that Ryan was going to steamroll Biden and it would be all she wrote for the other ticket. That didn’t seem to happen. I actually wasn’t certain who had won the Ryan vs. Biden bout and that was confirmed when I tallied all of their points and discovered that they had both in fact scored 11.5 points. Though, ultimately I believe Ryan won the debate.

But what was really interesting to me were the talking heads and pundits following the debate as I surfed around the channels. One newswoman on CNN seemed to suggest that again if by now you were undecided, there must be something wrong with you. I had to ask, why it was so important for these people to see to it that you were “decided?” I thought they were news organizations, that they were supposed to be “issue neutral” and merely report the facts and offer their insights. What’s it to them? The newswoman’s suggestion was pure proof that they are in the game rigging business. And this election more than ever there is so much money being thrown into the game rigging business that they are upset that so many of us are “undecided” in whatever way, whether we will choose one candidate or the other, or whether or not we will even vote based on the premise of my two previous statements on the matter of voting and democratic participation in a political system clearly rigged not in your favor. Or, that voting is acceptance of the fate they have chosen for you. Because that is what the media are doing. They are attempting to determine your fate. That’s why they are throwing all of the money and time into the process. They want control. The newswoman’s statement that by now we should all be “decided” was clear proof of that and that the media, in particular the television media is extremely frustrated that all of their bells and whistles, all of their smoke and mirrors are not working this time around, even though they are being paid during this election more than they have ever been paid.

And you know what that means.

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