William Thien

If You Vote, You Have to Accept The Outcome

Posted on: October 19, 2012

For a couple of weeks now I have been writing that I am undecided on which candidate I am going to pick for president or whether or not I am even going to vote. On the other hand the media has been in my opinion “forcing the matter,” that we should somehow be decided by now, that we should have accepted all of the bells and whistles and media glitz and the glamour they have surrounded the candidates with and the matter should have been final…by now.

I mentioned in a previous essay that with all of the effort and all of the commercialism and constant focus on the presidential race that one female newscaster on CNN expressed her astonishment that people were still undecided. It was an indication of the media’s frustration that its methodology was not working during this election, that the media have been unable to rig the race so thoroughly this time.

If you liken the political process to a game as many see it, and you participate in the process by voting, you have to accept the outcome. You have to be a good sport, so to speak. But if the two outcomes of the race are not win or lose but lose or lose, then, to me it makes no sense to participate. The lesser of two evils, as they say, is still an “evil.” You have no horse in the race, so to speak. Why watch the race? Why participate in the election? In a way you are really only acting against yourself, then.

What the media and other powerful interests have effectively done is to put two horses in the race that don’t even approximate your interests and needs and then manipulated their image and history and began to tell you that one of the horses is “your horse.” They tell you over and over that you should be betting on “that horse” and if you haven’t placed your bets by now there is something wrong with you.

They monitor your behavior like scientists studying laboratory subjects. They let corporations scan your emails and your internet browsing activity looking for data about your behavior. They spy on you, some would say just like a foreign enemy. They purchase your credit card activity histories. Oh yes they do! And they create a lie tailored to you, to make you believe they are like you. But they are not, are they? No, they are not.

Maybe a better solution is to not go to the race this time. Don’t play the game. Don’t play the game because the odds are stacked against you. That IS something you can bet on. Look at the history of the presidential candidacy for the last ten races. And look at the country now. That in itself tells you something.

Have your taxes gone down permanently? No. They have gone up. Do you have more freedom or less? Less. You have less freedom. If you stack up all of the new laws governing your behavior created over just the last decade, particularly those created as a result of 9/11, you would see you have much less freedom. You may not feel the encroachment of the state in that regard, but it is there. First, everyone is a potential suspect.

So, if you participate in the election process, you have to accept the outcome. In a sense, you have to do what they tell you to do. If you remove yourself from the process, from a personal standpoint you don’t have to accept the condition of the country. You may be absolving yourself of the responsibility for the failure they are forcing upon you. You can say, I didn’t vote for either of you, or any of you, and I pay taxes. I have a right to a say in what is done with my money. And you are mucking things up pretty good there. I don’t like it. You are going to have to change.

You are going to have to change…or else.

That’s where the catch is, the “or else.” When you stop voting, what other choice do you have? Well, if the media filters out all of the candidates that could really, truly represent you and your needs, and essentially makes voting useless to you, then you really only have one choice.

Yes. Yes is the answer to that question that just formed in the back of your mind. Sooner or later we are going to have to think about it.

Copyright © William Thien 2012

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