William Thien

Why Not Have a Debate Between The Wives of the Candidates?

Posted on: October 27, 2012

I am probably not the first to think of this, but since women have worked so hard to have more say in society and more power in the family unit, and many believe that men now have less and less power to control decisions within the family, why not let the candidates’ wives debate?

How many times have you heard someone say, “I have to ask my wife, first?” That should tell you something. I’m guessing that decision making process is just as influential with regard to the presidential candidates. So, if women have significantly more power to control decisions their husbands make compared to just twenty years ago, why not make them debate? After all, they wanted the power, now let’s hear what they have to say directly. We might even find out more about how their husband’s will make decisions instead of getting the line of BS.

We could run it during half-time of a football game.

Copyright 2012 William Thien

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