William Thien

Is Tax Surrogacy Really Tax Servitude or Indenture?

Posted on: November 9, 2012

I have been proselytizing on the subject of “tax surrogacy” for some time. My premise is that certain economic classes, particularly the middle classes, are “tax surrogates” for both the lower income levels and the very wealthy, with the lower income levels paying few taxes and the very wealthy escaping taxes through the tax code.

But the more I consider the term “tax surrogacy” the more I conclude it is not as profound as the condition to which certain classes endure. It does not reflect the severity of the tax load to which the middle classes are burdened in comparison to the less fortunate and the wealthy.

I am beginning to conclude that the tax burden to which the middle classes are subject to be more of a form of servitude or perhaps even indenture.

The middle classes are like “tax servants” perhaps, if not “tax surrogates.” Their writ of indenture is The United States Tax Code, to which in its current state there is no escape except to change economic class. And that same tax code is making more people poor than it is making people rich.

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