William Thien

Modern American Government, Also Known as “Selective Communism”

Posted on: November 9, 2012

In conversing with a friend about socialized medical programs (once known as communism) in The United States it was discovered that neither he nor I were eligible for any such programs in our state. We are both single and have no children. Yet, married or single people with children who fall below a certain income level are eligible. That income threshold is more than we both earn, yet we are not eligible for any of the programs. Those who have children and are eligible for the program are covered as well as their children. Coverage is not offered to just the children. Both the parents and the children receive the coverage. I think only the children should be covered, then. And again, single people with no children earning less than the income threshold are not eligible, a blaring disparity. Later, though, I discovered that married couples with no children are eligible if they make less than a certain amount, though more than the income threshold for those with children.

After thinking about the matter I concluded that I was paying for the medical coverage of all these other social groups, yet I receive none of it. I in fact know several families who are receiving coverage. What is interesting about this fact is that none of the men or women in the families have ever served in the military or held any position in defense of their country, yet they are eligible for the coverage and I am not. I have in fact served in the military and still those who have provided no service, they haven’t even shown up for boot camp, they get full coverage.

I conclude that such coverage is unfair. I conclude that such coverage is unfair for a number of reasons. One, I am paying for their coverage, yet I am not eligible. Two, I have served in the armed forces and they have not. In fact whenever I bring up the subject of eligibility for any such matter I am almost always met moments later with the socialist/communist response that former military are often losers and head cases and are almost by socialist/communist default in response, outcasts. Yet, the socialists/communists have no trouble taking my tax dollars to pay for their pre-natal care, as an example, as pregnancy defines program eligibility. Nothing like the grasp of a parasite, is there? But disregard the fact that I have served in the military and they have not. I pay for the program, I should be eligible for the program. That’s how it should work. There should be no income threshold or other qualification. In fact people are known to hide their income to maintain their eligibility. That makes me a patsy. I don’t like that. And it’s not right.

I was trying to think of a term to describe this type of socialist/communist system whereby everyone else is eligible for government programs yet I am not, yet I still have to pay. I am trying to name it because once it has a name, it can more easily be dealt with, I believe, in a political realm or other capacity. I have decided to call such socialist/communist programs, “Selective Communism.” Because that’s what they are. It is communism by selection. What’s worse is that it is paid for by the people who deserve to receive it, have gone the extra distance for their country, for example, but are ineligible and it is used by those who may not really have earned it.

The programs don’t just pertain to medical programs, though. They run the entire breadth of government programs. All of them are selective. You could say in a sense that they are in fact “exclusive.”

That’s just plain wrong. Not that I want to enroll in any of the programs, but it is so wrong it is almost wrong in a biblical sense.

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4 Responses to "Modern American Government, Also Known as “Selective Communism”"

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Because you pay into the government programs but you are not eligible for the government programs. It’s wrong. And it’s communism.

[…] what I think is happening to this country, this country which is rapidly becoming communist, selectively communist, and I am telling you this because I think things should change. Because I pay for all of these […]

I would like to say first that I have no political education, and a limited knowledge of the United States medical program (I live in Canada), so I may not be qualified to give an opinion, but I strongly disagree with a lot of your logic and feel the need to share.

I agree it is unfair that you do not receive medical coverage that your tax dollars pay for. You state that the answer is to remove the socialized medical program entirely. I fail to see how this is an ethical option. In the U.S., a huge demographic is families that are barely making ends meet. I believe that in the society we live in, it should be a basic human right to be healthy without taking a financially crippling hit. I would say that it makes more sense to provide healthcare to every tax paying individual regardless of their financial situation.

You also say that you are more entitled to healthcare because you served in the military. I agree that people who suffer physical or psychological damage from the military should receive medical care but how is it fair that everybody who served in the military by default should be eligible for the program. You are insinuating that your job is more valuble than others. I fail to see how you should be entitled to more than anyone else contributing to society in their own way.

First of all, let me apologize for the delay in posting your comment. I’ve been busy with a small war with lots of slander and innuendo being waged against me and all manner of physicality.

As for people serving in the military being eligible for health care, I believe since they have offered up their lives for their country and have been subjected to all manner of physical dangers, either in combat or even in training (which is the leading form of military death during peace time), military personnel should receive free health care. Offering your life is the ultimate sacrifice, but more importantly, it is the ultimate tax. There should be compensation for that.

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