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Keeping Detroit Intact

Posted on: November 13, 2012

Recently I heard a comment about the auto industry bailout followed by, “where’s my bailout?” I believe unlike the bailout of the banking industry, the bailout of the auto industry was a good choice.

When Detroit was getting ready to put itself up on the chopping block due to pending bankruptcies at the major auto manufacturers, I lobbied the Honorable Sen. Kohl (D) of Wisconsin by written correspondence to request that some sort of bailout by The United States be offered for General Motors. My reasoning I was told in a letter of reply was well received and yet unexpected. Nobody had thought of my reasons for keeping GM intact other than it was an industrial Icon in America.

I explained in my correspondence that during World War II due to Detroit’s industrial capability the major auto manufacturers were ramped up to produce all manner of battlefield equipment to include tanks and even military aircraft, with Detroit having an industrial capability which exists nowhere else in The United States, with the exception perhaps today of Milwaukee, WI. I notified Sen. Kohl that it would be inadvisable to sell off GM, to break it up into little pieces, and lose that industrial potential.

I think it was wise of the administration to bail out GM at the time and I still believe that.

For this I feel partially responsible for the auto bailout.

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2 Responses to "Keeping Detroit Intact"

[…] For reasons other than the fact that Detroit is full of large iconic car companies, I lobbied for th…. But it has been quite some time, now. I think the time has passed for any continued bailout of GM which has substantial amounts of cash on hand that can be used to buy back its shares. And I don’t think it is right to be paying for that nice shiny new car that the guy in the lane next to me is driving when I have car payments of my own. […]

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Keeping Detroit Intact: Or, Why I May buy a Foreign Car Next Time

I’ve blogged about the auto bailout before. This observation describes my earlier efforts to lobby Congress and the Senate when the Detroit auto industry was on the chopping block several years ago during the beginning of this recession and was instead bailed out by our government. I lobbied both houses through correspondence to bail out the big three auto makers if they needed it for the reasons explained here in my initial observation. And my reasons I was told in reply were well received, not thought of prior and may have turned the tide in favor of the big three.

Funny thing is. Not one of the big three has offered me a job or thanked me in any way. You’d think something was forthcoming after going to bat for them like that. Nope. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

That can only be greed.

Maybe it’s time to by a foreign job. This American number is kind of expensive to keep running anyway.

Oh, yeah, Detroit just filed bankruptcy. I guess I’m too late. Or maybe that’s why they filed for bankruptcy. They don’t know where their true allies lie.

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