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Approaching a Fiscal Cliff? Put General Motors on the Market!

Posted on: November 26, 2012

Recently I blogged that I supported the bailout of General Motors and in fact lobbied to see to it that a bailout was provided. The result was US Government ownership of a large stake of General Motors, a company which has made a dramatic turnaround but has also acquired the moniker, “Government Motors.”

With the US Government approaching a fiscal cliff, something we haven’t heard much about since almost all of the news lately has been about the habits of shoppers on Black Friday, but with the government approaching a fiscal cliff and desperately in need of money, why doesn’t the US Government divest itself of General Motors for starters?

Do what most Americans do when they need cash quickly, sell something. The US Government should auction General Motors off to the highest bidder. I am certain there is someone, some organization that would be interested in maintaining a controlling interest. Don’t wait for General Motors to obtain the highest price on the stock market and then flood the market with shares, that won’t do anyone any good and it might not happen for years. Simply sell General Motors all off, perhaps as a controlling interest. That would more likely create the most interest.

As I’ve said before, I lobbied for a bailout of General Motors. Though my intent was not for the country to buy General Motors itself, that apparently was the only option at the time. Now that it is time to address the approaching fiscal cliff, maybe it is time for the government to divest itself of GM to pay down some of that debt.

Otherwise the nickname “Government Motors” will stick for good. And then GM stock won’t be worth a penny.

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1 Response to "Approaching a Fiscal Cliff? Put General Motors on the Market!"

[…] I have been blogging recently that if the country wants to solve the looming fiscal crisis that it should divest itself of General Motors (GM), that the US Government should sell one of its prized possessions, you know much like the America […]

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