William Thien

An Observation About The Approaching Fiscal Cliff

Posted on: November 29, 2012

Recently I’ve listened to news reports and stories in the media about how both Republicans and Democrats are willing to compromise on matters of taxation with regard to “The Fiscal Cliff.” The obvious sticking point is that the Democrats want to raise taxes and The Republicans do not. A headline at a prominent news site even claimed stocks rallied on a “possible compromise” from the Speaker of The House on matters of taxation.

I was rather expecting that the good members of Congress would see to it that the size of government would be addressed rather than to offer up more of our income in “compromise,” as a means of dealing with the approaching “fiscal cliff” that is.

I agree that it is important that our elected work together to our benefit and have in fact written to it. But compromising on taxes, which in this case obviously means raising them, can be categorically deemed contrary to our benefit, particularly to those of us who find no refuge in an unfair US tax code to begin with.

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