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Recently in reaction to mass shootings the media and primarily members of one particular political party have brought up the subject of the ownership of certain types of firearms by the American Public and why there is such a demand? They do not focus on the perpetrators, one who possessed his guns illegally and the other who didn’t even own the guns, but the politicians and the media instead zero in on the general law-abiding public with their inquiry. Why?

There really is no question. It is just that the media and members of that one particular political party want to make it appear as if there is a question. They would suggest there is some nefarious intent upon the public’s part by owning any firearms at all if they could.

Americans have always been wary of government and in particular “big government,” or that type of government which that one aforementioned political party chooses more often than not to proffer as a solution to all of our country’s problems, except the single most difficult problem of all to solve, how to pay for their idea of government. When Americans watch television and see images of police showing up to domestic disputes and other seemingly minor conflicts for example in full riot gear, even though they may not be minor conflicts, Americans will likely prepare to react in kind. It is in their nature. It is in their history.

Furthermore, in order to secure a “free state,” The Second Amendment allows a response against an overbearing government. A “free state” is not a socialist state, it is not a communist state, a fascist state, nor a police state. A “free state” is just that, a “free state,” a state free from excessive taxation, free from excessive intrusion, free from religious persecution, free from having to pay to raise the illegitimate children of others. The Second Amendment ensures the perpetuation of a “free state.” We can all agree that the America of today is a far cry from what it was when it was founded and further from a “free state” than ever. EVER!

Any level of assault weaponry that Americans can obtain is child’s play in comparison to what the government has at its disposal. Don’t misinterpret my position. Police should be able to protect themselves. They have a socially complex and dangerous job. But, not only does the government have automatic weapons at its disposal, the government has and CAN AFFORD AT GREAT TAX PAYER EXPENSE infrared technology to see into homes, armored vehicles, full body armor and riot gear, tazers, stun guns, gas, toxic sprays, computerized databases of all activity using credit cards, internet activity, you name it. And that’s just at the municipal level. Most or all of this equipment exceeds what any normal American or even group of Americans can afford, yet Americans pay for it with their taxes, taxes which many believe today are excessive and injurious to their liberty. Therein ladies lies the addition of insult. Oh, yes! Make no mistake!

Naturally, when the government has all of this advanced weaponry and technology and much more at its disposal, Americans will react in kind, or at the very least in kind to what the law will allow, which is a much lower level of readiness, a substantial disparity which may very well and most likely has stimulated weapons purchase activity on the part of The American public.

It is my belief that much of the buildup on the part of the American public of any type of firearms at this time in our country’s history is as a reaction to what I’ve described, a reaction to a seemingly ominous buildup on daily display in the media of such and more advanced weaponry, technology, and intelligence gathering upon the people by all levels of government from the municipal level right on up to the federal government.

Americans are a people wary of government and perhaps now more than ever they are wary for good reason.

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I theorize here that it is income taxes in particular that have strategically killed off American Small Business in serial fashion.

William Thien

Workers in The United States and other established industrial countries tend to earn higher wages than in third world countries or the far east. It’s a fact. We all hear stories about large corporations moving their production lines to the far east and Central America and the low wages those workers are paid. We may have seen stories on the news about the appalling working conditions and long hours those workers endure. But is that really why American companies are moving production overseas? I believe there are other more subtle forces at work that unless we examine them over a period of time, we will not recognize them.

What is significant to us is that products can frequently be made overseas for much less than in America. This of course creates a price gap between goods made here in The U.S. and those made overseas. Some countries can even buy…

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This is an earlier observation on extending Bush Era Tax Cuts, what is currently being debated with regard to “The Fiscal Cliff.”

William Thien

Recently I have heard a number of politicians and economists, even a nominee for the Federal Reserve suggest that it is time to end The Bush Era Tax Cuts, at least for the highest income earners. It sounds good on the face of things. And it would seem like a good source of funds, to take the tax dollars from the most wealthy. At least you know where there is some money to take, right? But is that all such economists and politicians have to offer America, some form of communism/socialism?

There is a problem with that logic. For one, using that rationale is the same as saying nobody should be able to make more money than anyone else. Such taxation is punitive.

Such taxation is also a tyranny, perhaps a tyranny of the masses since there are fewer people making such amounts of money and therein lies within the…

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The recent mass shootings are tragic, there can be no question, but is it a surprise to any of you that all of the legislation proposed by members of The Democratic Party to restrict firearms in The United States involves substantial taxes upon the taxpayer, and I mean substantial taxes, sometimes hundreds of dollars!?

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Over the next couple of weeks and perhaps months I plan to offer some observations about gun rights in The United States and what I believe is occurring as a result of recent shootings.

The recent mass shootings are tragic.

Capitalizing on that fact OBVIOUSLY certain members of The Democratic Party in coordination with a disingenuous media have created an environment of hysteria in order to begin another attempt to restrict gun ownership. But almost all if not all of the hysteria seems to be emanating from one party, The Democratic Party, and the media. I appreciate a number of Democrats so I began to ask the question, why?

Republicans have shown obvious concern over the recent shootings but they are not so quick to take away your rights to own guns. First, to me this indicates that the Republican Party is by nature less oppressive.

Furthermore, it occurs to me that on a number of levels The Democratic Party is not so interested in restricting guns to protect your welfare as they are in seeing that they are re-elected. Stay with me on this. The Democratic Party is anti-gun because Republicans are generally not so. The Democratic Party is anti-gun because they are afraid that with all of the taxes they create, with all of the social programs they implement at great expense to the taxpayer, eventually the other party, The Republican Party, the party that does not constantly attempt to restrict gun ownership, the one that is generally considered more conservative fiscally and less taxing when it comes to government programs and spending, or again The Republican Party, will be peopled by a population that favors gun ownership and peopled by a population that will eventually get sick of being taxed to death and revolt, and because they are peopled by a population that owns firearms, obviously the odds will be in favor of The Republicans and not The Democrats, on any battlefield that might evolve, and/or at the polls.

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It would seem that my lobbying of my Federal Congressman and Federal Senator regarding the divestiture of GM has had some effect. I have been blogging recently that if the country wants to solve the looming fiscal crisis that it should divest itself of General Motors (GM), that the US Government should sell one of its prized possessions, you know much like the America public has to do when it needs cash quickly, usually selling something precious at a loss. I have made those observations available to Congressman Sensenbrenner(R) WI, and Senator Kohl(D) WI, as well as a number of others.

The good news is that GM will be buying back a substantial portion of its stock (the government will still own quite a bit), and the government will have recovered close to $30 Billion of the $50 Billion in bailout funds GM received. For the government to recover the full bailout amount GM shares would have to be sold at just under $70.00 a share. If Treasury sold back its remaining shares at current market value, it would come up with a $12 Billion loss. To many of you that may sound familiar, selling something you cherish at a loss to make ends meet. I think it is good that the government ‘gets’ an idea what the American public has to endure. Washington is so out of touch.

For reasons other than the fact that Detroit is full of large iconic car companies, I lobbied for the bailout of GM and the auto industry. But it has been quite some time, now. I think the time has passed for any continued bailout of GM which has substantial amounts of cash on hand that can be used to buy back its shares. And I don’t think it is right to be paying in any way for that nice shiny new car in perpetuity that the guy in the lane next to me is driving when I have car payments of my own.

Clearly the time is now for the government to divest itself of GM. With the looming fiscal cliff and a national debt sure to bring EU type austerity measures across the Atlantic, it is time for the government to get its house in order. I’d say in fact, there isn’t that much more time before the people will do it for them.

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There is one other outstanding organization I wanted to recommend in case you are looking for a place to help out this holiday season and that is Homes for our Troops. Homes for Our Troops uses your donations and your volunteered time to build specially adapted homes for our severely injured veterans. Now that veterans are returning from the battlefield with severe injuries, many need a place to live. Donating to Homes for our Troops helps provide wounded soldiers with new, accessible living spaces all around the country.

In 2011 I volunteered my time on a Homes for our Troops build. I am not a skilled carpenter or laborer, but that didn’t matter. I helped lift packs of shingles up to the roofing company that volunteered its time to put a new roof on a new house for a former marine. I carried lumber and helped straighten up the work site. There was always something to do. To donate or volunteer all you have to do is to visit Homes for our Troops and click on the Donate button. Or sign up to help with a Home in Progress. It is a great opportunity to show your support for those who have sacrificed for our country.

Copyright 2012 William Thien

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Since it is the holidays I want to recommend some organizations that I regularly donate to as it is that time of year. These are some outstanding organizations. In no particular order, I recommend The USO, and an organization that helps disabled veterans, DAV, Disabled American Veterans, an organization dedicated to wildlife conservation and in particular to saving endangered species of cranes, The International Crane Foundation, and the National Audubon Society, dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and the restoration of natural ecosystems.

Click on any one of the aforementioned links highlighted in blue and you will see a place where you can donate online right on the home page.

Both the International Crane Foundation and chapters of The Audubon Society also need volunteers at local chapters and in the community. I recommend that you contact them if you are looking to volunteer as well as donate. I volunteer with The International Crane Foundation and at one of the local Audubon chapters during the summer. It’s a lot of fun!

Donations to DAV (Disabled American Veterans) are well spent paying for things like transportation for wounded military personnel to rehabilitation appointments at The VA Hospital and other related services. Donations to The USO help provide military personnel with many amenities such as phone cards and entertainment during deployment and travel.

So click on one of the links above and make your donation today! It’s money well spent.

Copyright 2012 William Thien

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I have enjoyed several enlightening conversations during the last month about the need for the Dependent Child Tax Deduction. During each and every conversation the person suggested a need for the deduction, aside from the simple reason that it makes it easier on families to pay their taxes. I think the fact that it makes it easier on families is the best reason for the deduction, even though the deduction is extremely unfair to empty nesters and single tax payers.

One conversant suggested that we needed the dependent child tax deduction because we were not as a country “replacing” the current population of baby boomers that were retiring. I had to snicker a bit. My impression of the baby boomers is that they have left us with an enormously socialized country, they are getting theirs, retiring, and leaving us strapped with enormous debt. Why, I had to ask, would you want to replace the baby boomers? I have blogged on this in the past. It’s titled in reference to the belief that those who fought during WWII were the greatest generation and asks the question, “has the greatest generation been followed by the worst,” as the baby boomers were the result of amorous soldiers returning from WWII and the country’s massive economic expansion which followed?

Another conversant suggested that we needed the dependent child tax deduction because “western civilization” won’t reproduce enough in order to sustain its population. This is the same thing as the previous statement on the matter, just spoken in a different context and from a different person. Again, I was amused, to say the least.

If you ask me, the tax code is unfair. One of the most unjust portions of the tax code is the transference of the burden of raising families on to the single taxpayer in an almost parasitic fashion. And to suggest that we need to do that in order to maintain the country’s population, for whatever reason, is a ridiculous and unfounded statement. Why? People will breed. Long before there were any dependent child tax deductions of any kind, anywhere, in any civilization, people were reproducing, often in huge numbers, in the worst of conditions, in the mud, swamps, the desert, malaria infested jungles, you name it. You don’t need a tax deduction to ensure that people are going to reproduce. What folly! Next you will have the same people saying that they need a tax deduction for talking out of their arse because they do it so often!

The dependent child tax deduction was created by politicians to get elected. The dependent child tax deduction is the result of a political stunt. I don’t begrudge families for using the deduction. I probably would if I had a family. But it was a bad and unfair idea in terms of paying the bills generated by families who send their children to public or voucher schools and generally use more public services than single tax payers.

People are going to breed whether you give them a tax deduction for it or not. When it comes to the “fiscal cliff” and balancing the budget, if our elected can ever get to balancing the budget, let’s just make sure we recognize a deduction, or a tax for that matter, for what it is, and let’s make sure we know who is paying for it.

It’s only fair.

Copyright 2012 William Thien

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When I examine how thoroughly socialism and communism have become entrenched ideologies in America I can only conclude that it will be incredibly difficult to address. Yes, communism is here in camouflage. Senator McCarthy was right!

Health Care corporations line up at the government trough to receive funds. Families look forward to the write-offs they receive for each of their children. And who can blame the families? I don’t. But someone has to pay for all of that.

Socialism and communism are camouflaged thoroughly in the tax code. If you have no write-offs, dependent children, mortgage interest to write off and are not a business man with operating expenses, you suffer under an incredible burden of multiple layers of taxation because you have to pay for all of that. It is a re-distribution of wealth but not from the wealthy to the poor, it is done in a way that is making certain members of the middle class poor.

The real catastrophe about the way the tax code treats the American public is that you can’t just be a regular working person. You have to be working some sort of angle all the time. If you are just a regular working person and are not running some sort of business, even a front to accumulate write-offs like so many do, or if you don’t own property, you are paying for everyone else’s excesses. It’s a scam tax code. It is full of inequity.

And even more significant, our system is not sustainable without increasing the country’s debt.

When I talk to people who benefit from the tax code, even getting them to state that the tax code is indeed a scam, they basically say they don’t care because they want the money they get from it. When I explain that money comes from people like me that have no write-offs, they like to reply, “well, that’s just the way it is.”

Socialism is supposed to be about having a “social perspective” on the society you live in, helping your fellow man, not enslaving him to an unfair tax code. There is nothing more “anti-social” than hearing a “socialist” who is essentially profiting from your sweat say, “well, that’s just the way it is.”

It is time for a more fair tax code. Let’s hear it for all of those anti-social socialists. Or perhaps they are communists. One thing is for sure, they are parasites.

Copyright 2012 William Thien

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