William Thien

America, Merchant of Democracy

Posted on: December 2, 2012

My most popular essay on this blog site is titled Should America Be The World’s Police Force?

Because we offer the lives of our sons and daughters in defense of other countries more frequently than any other country and because the cost of military activity is enormously expensive, I conclude that The United States should be compensated for acting as the world’s police force.

But the United States hasn’t entered into military conflicts recently solely for the purpose of defending innocents from despots and authoritarian leadership. The US Military has just as frequently found itself playing the role of “Merchant of Democracy,” fighting in foreign lands to ensure that people in foreign lands can live within “the best” political system known to modern man, “Democracy,” as in America.

I have several problems with that sentiment and military motivation. Why? I’m not so certain Democracy is truly as lasting as one may believe in an age of socialism and communism where we can’t even afford to pay down our debt due to a large extent the cost of and preponderance of social programs we have created and must pay into. As I’ve stated prior, due to human frailties it is only a matter of time before the largest portion of the population votes themselves a nice government check and the rest are strapped in perpetuity trying to pay for it. The tax code is full of overt and hidden welfare to which large portions of the population are not eligible. Just as importantly, those who work all their lives often see very little of a reward compared to those who milk the system. The country has come to that. Clearly our system has enormous faults. The country is at the brink of a fiscal crisis. Crime is rampant and hidden from us through the use of false statistics. How can we claim to have the best way of life if we have brought it to that? We cannot.

So, I’m not so certain that in the future should The United States see fit to intervene militarily in another country because they suffer under a so-called “lesser form of government” that we should really proceed. It is my opinion that we need to get our own country in order first. I believe that previously the war drums have been beaten extensively knowing that very fact, that the potential for a war of our own in The United States is real and palpable to those who administer the land and that they have created conflicts of feint overseas in order to distract the country from the true task at hand, lest they find themselves out of power.

If we are to be The Merchant of Democracy in the world, we must make certain we are not selling a flawed system, much like our own.

Copyright 2012 William Thien

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