William Thien

Will Socialism Become a Thing of the Past?

Posted on: December 8, 2012

All over Europe countries are taking what some might say are drastic steps to right their economies and maintain fiscal solvency. The term used to describe the measures taken by many European countries is “austerity.” Social programs are being slashed. Government workers are being laid off. There are riots in the streets as a result of these austerity measures in many countries. Many Europeans have become dependent on socialist programs.

They have stopped showing the riots and the molotov cocktails thrown at police on television here in America. Perhaps they don’t want us to know much of Europe is aflame.

Europe has discovered what the United States has for the most part known all along but forgotten, that socialism is expensive and is not a structurally sound, sustainable, long-term form of government.

Here in The United States Americans are awakening to that very fact. What does that mean for those who have become dependent upon the government for their sustenance?

Estimates indicating how many people receive government income as the result of enrollment in social programs in the United States range from forty-five percent to somewhere in the fiftieth percentile. Half of the population is now living off of the other half of the tax paying population. I say half of the population is living off of the other half of the “tax paying population” because the other half of the population that is not receiving a government payment is not all working. So the burden upon the working classes is magnified dramatically by the sheer size and number of those receiving a government payment in relation to those who are working because those who are working are substantially less in number to those receiving a government check. That’s just plain wrong.

It remains to be seen with the approaching fiscal cliff how such events as are occurring in Europe will manifest themselves here in The United States. I think socialism is on the way out. One only needs to look across the Atlantic Ocean to see its demise.

Copyright 2012 William Thien

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