William Thien

The Prevalence of Socialism and Communism in America

Posted on: December 11, 2012

When I examine how thoroughly socialism and communism have become entrenched ideologies in America I can only conclude that it will be incredibly difficult to address. Yes, communism is here in camouflage. Senator McCarthy was right!

Health Care corporations line up at the government trough to receive funds. Families look forward to the write-offs they receive for each of their children. And who can blame the families? I don’t. But someone has to pay for all of that.

Socialism and communism are camouflaged thoroughly in the tax code. If you have no write-offs, dependent children, mortgage interest to write off and are not a business man with operating expenses, you suffer under an incredible burden of multiple layers of taxation because you have to pay for all of that. It is a re-distribution of wealth but not from the wealthy to the poor, it is done in a way that is making certain members of the middle class poor.

The real catastrophe about the way the tax code treats the American public is that you can’t just be a regular working person. You have to be working some sort of angle all the time. If you are just a regular working person and are not running some sort of business, even a front to accumulate write-offs like so many do, or if you don’t own property, you are paying for everyone else’s excesses. It’s a scam tax code. It is full of inequity.

And even more significant, our system is not sustainable without increasing the country’s debt.

When I talk to people who benefit from the tax code, even getting them to state that the tax code is indeed a scam, they basically say they don’t care because they want the money they get from it. When I explain that money comes from people like me that have no write-offs, they like to reply, “well, that’s just the way it is.”

Socialism is supposed to be about having a “social perspective” on the society you live in, helping your fellow man, not enslaving him to an unfair tax code. There is nothing more “anti-social” than hearing a “socialist” who is essentially profiting from your sweat say, “well, that’s just the way it is.”

It is time for a more fair tax code. Let’s hear it for all of those anti-social socialists. Or perhaps they are communists. One thing is for sure, they are parasites.

Copyright 2012 William Thien

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