William Thien

Tis the Season Not to Forget

Posted on: December 18, 2012

Since it is the holidays I want to recommend some organizations that I regularly donate to as it is that time of year. These are some outstanding organizations. In no particular order, I recommend The USO, and an organization that helps disabled veterans, DAV, Disabled American Veterans, an organization dedicated to wildlife conservation and in particular to saving endangered species of cranes, The International Crane Foundation, and the National Audubon Society, dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and the restoration of natural ecosystems.

Click on any one of the aforementioned links highlighted in blue and you will see a place where you can donate online right on the home page.

Both the International Crane Foundation and chapters of The Audubon Society also need volunteers at local chapters and in the community. I recommend that you contact them if you are looking to volunteer as well as donate. I volunteer with The International Crane Foundation and at one of the local Audubon chapters during the summer. It’s a lot of fun!

Donations to DAV (Disabled American Veterans) are well spent paying for things like transportation for wounded military personnel to rehabilitation appointments at The VA Hospital and other related services. Donations to The USO help provide military personnel with many amenities such as phone cards and entertainment during deployment and travel.

So click on one of the links above and make your donation today! It’s money well spent.

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Support The USO and DAV during the holidays. And don’t forget about the environment we live in buy supporting your favority conservation organization. The International Crane Foundation and The Audubon Society are two excellent organizations.

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