William Thien

A Series of Observations About Gun Rights in The United States. Part I

Posted on: December 28, 2012

Over the next couple of weeks and perhaps months I plan to offer some observations about gun rights in The United States and what I believe is occurring as a result of recent shootings.

The recent mass shootings are tragic.

Capitalizing on that fact OBVIOUSLY certain members of The Democratic Party in coordination with a disingenuous media have created an environment of hysteria in order to begin another attempt to restrict gun ownership. But almost all if not all of the hysteria seems to be emanating from one party, The Democratic Party, and the media. I appreciate a number of Democrats so I began to ask the question, why?

Republicans have shown obvious concern over the recent shootings but they are not so quick to take away your rights to own guns. First, to me this indicates that the Republican Party is by nature less oppressive.

Furthermore, it occurs to me that on a number of levels The Democratic Party is not so interested in restricting guns to protect your welfare as they are in seeing that they are re-elected. Stay with me on this. The Democratic Party is anti-gun because Republicans are generally not so. The Democratic Party is anti-gun because they are afraid that with all of the taxes they create, with all of the social programs they implement at great expense to the taxpayer, eventually the other party, The Republican Party, the party that does not constantly attempt to restrict gun ownership, the one that is generally considered more conservative fiscally and less taxing when it comes to government programs and spending, or again The Republican Party, will be peopled by a population that favors gun ownership and peopled by a population that will eventually get sick of being taxed to death and revolt, and because they are peopled by a population that owns firearms, obviously the odds will be in favor of The Republicans and not The Democrats, on any battlefield that might evolve, and/or at the polls.

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