William Thien

This is an earlier observation on extending Bush Era Tax Cuts, what is currently being debated with regard to “The Fiscal Cliff.”

William Thien

Recently I have heard a number of politicians and economists, even a nominee for the Federal Reserve suggest that it is time to end The Bush Era Tax Cuts, at least for the highest income earners. It sounds good on the face of things. And it would seem like a good source of funds, to take the tax dollars from the most wealthy. At least you know where there is some money to take, right? But is that all such economists and politicians have to offer America, some form of communism/socialism?

There is a problem with that logic. For one, using that rationale is the same as saying nobody should be able to make more money than anyone else. Such taxation is punitive.

Such taxation is also a tyranny, perhaps a tyranny of the masses since there are fewer people making such amounts of money and therein lies within theā€¦

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