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Americans Are Historically a People Wary of Government

Posted on: December 30, 2012

Recently in reaction to mass shootings the media and primarily members of one particular political party have brought up the subject of the ownership of certain types of firearms by the American Public and why there is such a demand? They do not focus on the perpetrators, one who possessed his guns illegally and the other who didn’t even own the guns, but the politicians and the media instead zero in on the general law-abiding public with their inquiry. Why?

There really is no question. It is just that the media and members of that one particular political party want to make it appear as if there is a question. They would suggest there is some nefarious intent upon the public’s part by owning any firearms at all if they could.

Americans have always been wary of government and in particular “big government,” or that type of government which that one aforementioned political party chooses more often than not to proffer as a solution to all of our country’s problems, except the single most difficult problem of all to solve, how to pay for their idea of government. When Americans watch television and see images of police showing up to domestic disputes and other seemingly minor conflicts for example in full riot gear, even though they may not be minor conflicts, Americans will likely prepare to react in kind. It is in their nature. It is in their history.

Furthermore, in order to secure a “free state,” The Second Amendment allows a response against an overbearing government. A “free state” is not a socialist state, it is not a communist state, a fascist state, nor a police state. A “free state” is just that, a “free state,” a state free from excessive taxation, free from excessive intrusion, free from religious persecution, free from having to pay to raise the illegitimate children of others. The Second Amendment ensures the perpetuation of a “free state.” We can all agree that the America of today is a far cry from what it was when it was founded and further from a “free state” than ever. EVER!

Any level of assault weaponry that Americans can obtain is child’s play in comparison to what the government has at its disposal. Don’t misinterpret my position. Police should be able to protect themselves. They have a socially complex and dangerous job. But, not only does the government have automatic weapons at its disposal, the government has and CAN AFFORD AT GREAT TAX PAYER EXPENSE infrared technology to see into homes, armored vehicles, full body armor and riot gear, tazers, stun guns, gas, toxic sprays, computerized databases of all activity using credit cards, internet activity, you name it. And that’s just at the municipal level. Most or all of this equipment exceeds what any normal American or even group of Americans can afford, yet Americans pay for it with their taxes, taxes which many believe today are excessive and injurious to their liberty. Therein ladies lies the addition of insult. Oh, yes! Make no mistake!

Naturally, when the government has all of this advanced weaponry and technology and much more at its disposal, Americans will react in kind, or at the very least in kind to what the law will allow, which is a much lower level of readiness, a substantial disparity which may very well and most likely has stimulated weapons purchase activity on the part of The American public.

It is my belief that much of the buildup on the part of the American public of any type of firearms at this time in our country’s history is as a reaction to what I’ve described, a reaction to a seemingly ominous buildup on daily display in the media of such and more advanced weaponry, technology, and intelligence gathering upon the people by all levels of government from the municipal level right on up to the federal government.

Americans are a people wary of government and perhaps now more than ever they are wary for good reason.

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3 Responses to "Americans Are Historically a People Wary of Government"

Very well said

Thank you for your comments. I appreciate your participation.

Reblogged this on William Thien and commented:

I believe much of the desire, particularly by the liberal elected, to restrict gun rights is a defensive maneuver to what is explained here.

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