William Thien

Is The Gun Rights Debate the Perfect Distraction?

Posted on: January 19, 2013

In a way, the debate across the country right now on the subject of gun rights is the perfect distraction for Washington to use with America. Nobody is focusing on the continued fiscal cliff crisis nor is anyone concentrating on addressing the tax code. Instead, Washington is rehashing what was already determined by The Supreme Court to be a legal right.

Makes you wonder if the tragedies were not somehow planned or orchestrated. The timing is so convenient. Who really knows if the events happened the way they did? The media have never really been entirely honest on firearms matters and it took close to a week for the truth about one of the tragedies to come out. And then there is the letter from a dead man. In fact everyone who could stand trial and reveal any motivation is dead. Sounds kind of like someone is hiding something, some type of involvement perhaps on the part of the government. Conspiracy theory? Yes. But completely, and I mean COMPLETELY! plausible when given the circumstances and the records and methods used of those involved with seeing your gun rights taken away.

Nevertheless, the most significant thing about the gun rights debate is that it is dramatic and distracting and clearly being used to redirect the focus of the country from the fact that Washington is extremely expensive and inefficient, has not solved the fiscal cliff crisis (merely postponed it), and your taxes just went up.

Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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