William Thien

Have Conservative Media Personalities Failed Conservatives?

Posted on: January 23, 2013

Driving home from work today I tuned in to one conservative talk show host who is a familiar name in any household today. Listening to the guy browbeat a caller left me wondering how dangerous he was to any conservative movement.

I have in the past disagreed with a number of his positions such as that of abortion for example. As a Conservative I favor legal abortion because it means less government by definition, something I’ve blogged about previously (one of my first essays). He thinks abortion should be outlawed.

Though he claims to be at the vanguard of talk show conservatism he frequently takes positions that are the very definition of big government. But he so effectively demoralizes his audience that you almost wonder if no other definition of conservatism exists other than his own? Instead, I wonder if he really is a conservative at all?

He has in the past and recent past as well also pushed for and endorsed candidates which have left conservatives without a winning candidate come election time. His word is considered paramount amongst his audience and he has one of the largest if not the largest following in the conservative talk radio industry.

His brash style and almost rude delivery keeps his audience back on their feet and at the closing of his show you are sometimes left wondering if he is truly approaching conservatism from a philosophical viewpoint or if he is merely a showman?

And today I concluded he is the latter, a showman. He may have been a conservative once but he is no longer. And I concluded he is merely maintaining his audience. Conservatism is the least of his worries. Were his audience, populated significantly by the elderly and recently retired baby boomers, were his audience to suddenly slump over and stop listening to his show to catch an afternoon nap, I concluded he would change his tune.

But he is not just a showman, he is worse when it comes to politics. He is a fixer. Knowing full well what real conservatism is, by employing single voter issues, in particular what I call “wedge issues” such as abortion, he will maneuver the audience away from a candidate that is truly conservative and towards a so-called conservative candidate who in the end we find out favors big government or even a redistribution of wealth or even a concentration of the nation’s wealth to a very few. He is, ladies and gentlemen, a dangerous man to any true conservative.

I really don’t have the time to dissect the “delivery” of each and every conservative pundit out there. I work and have many responsibilities just like you. Because I am a regular working person with no write-offs, I am practically taxed to death, the government is tapping me pretty good to pay for just about everything, and even though it was minus seven degrees last night I still haven’t turned the heat on in my quarters. But that’s OK, I can handle it. I was in The US Army. I’ve woken up many times with snow on my sleeping bag.

And just like you I don’t have the time to discern what each and every so-called conservative talk show host is saying. I can tell you though that we need to consider carefully what the media are feeding us, particularly those in the media hiding behind a completely different brand of conservatism, a “big government” type of conservatism that is really in my opinion “liberalism/socialism/communism” in disguise because it will force us to have to pick up the tab for their illicit behavior (the cost of outlawing abortion for example will be astronomical if they continue to push it and are successful. Government will swell. Crime will skyrocket.) in the long run. Because the media have everything at stake in the effort to define conservatism. That’s why there are so many conservative talk show hosts. Why is the media so concerned about conservatism?

People who are not receiving some form of government program check and are at work are not at home watching television (people who are at work are therefore bad for television ratings). People who are at work are likely not listening to the radio (people who are at work are bad for radio ratings). And the media, the television stations, the radio stations, they know that. So we have to be ever more careful who we listen to when it comes to so-called “conservative talk.”

For a more thorough explanation of the so-called “liberal media,” read my essay “Is The Media Really as Liberal As They Say?”

Copyright © William Thien 2013

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Good stuff in the columns.

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